Recumbent Bike Options?

Brand new here (haven’t even gotten my ANT+ stick yet, should be delivered tomorrow), but am very excited to get acquainted with the island. Anyway, I just thought I’d put in my request for some recumbent ride options. I know there are quite a few more configurations in the recumbent world, but my virtual self would really like to be able to some form of recumbent. I personally ride a basic short-wheelbase bike while training (I’ve also got a delta trike). Just something I though I’d put out there. I know there are many improvements slated that would take precedence, but I figured I’d get this request into the queue.

Thanks for the opportunity to make my indoor riding more interesting.

I would like to add a vote for a few alternative options as well. 

My wife lost the ability to ride be conventional bicycle after an MS relapse a few years back. She refuses to try Zwift for her indoor training as the avatar being limited to a bicycle rubs some old wounds. While it may be a small group, having a recumbent trike option would mean an awful lot to some sick and injured people. 

It could make a good media story, and my open up a market that is often over looked.  



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I’d also like to see recumbent options (both two-wheel and tadpole trike options).  I spend about 80% of my “real world” rides on recumbents and I’d love to have access to those models in Zwift!

Catrike Expedition recumbent trike

Volae Expedition recumbent bike

I second that request! I ride a Cruzbike Silvio, which I’d love to se modeled, or even the top-of-the line Vendetta. The only thing is that it wouldn’t be very fair (to others) in races!

I am also hoping for a recumbent option for both single and tandem recumbent bicycles.

Just downloaded Zwift for the first time and am looking to replace my rollers with a cycleops hammer.  One of the first configuration tasks I started on was to properly setup the bike.  Like others here I was disappointed to not see a recumbent available.

I ride a recumbent because of back issues but it has become an identifying trait.  So naturally a recumbent rider would very much desire to have that reflected in zwift.

Please make a recumbent option.  Even if you don’t change the metrics that make it slow going up hills but faster down.

I recently had surgery and would give anything to have the option to use a recumbent bike (even an indoor recumbent bike). It may be a year or so before I can ride a regular bike again and by giving me the option I would be able to heal while my elbow and wrist heal.


Please make a recumbent bike (indoor and outdoor) and option.

Just wanted to add my name to those requesting a recumbent avatar. I’ve ridden a wide variety of bents over the years and don’t care that much which particular model is used – i.e., short wheelbase, long wheelbase, high-racer, low-racer, trike, etc. – it’d just be fun to be on something vaguely supine! Thanks for considering! (And bad pic of my fwd rig on the trainer just after my first Zwift session earlier today.)

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