I ride a high racer recumbent. (Google Cruzbike Vendetta) It would be great if my avatar could be riding one. 

Agreed,  As new members of Zwift, my wife and I wonder of there are any plans to introduce an avatar that represent those of us that train on our recumbent trikes.  My wife and I use our TerraTrike x30 Sportsters each on our Cycleops Hammer Direct Drive SmartTtrainers.  It would be awesome to see recumbent trikes out on these courses.


Thanks for the consideration,

Lee Mohrman

I have just discussed with Cruzbike… They hardly try to introduce Vendetta to Zwift.

I would lovely see my avatar on it (I’m riding mostly Bacchetta, but I’m big fan of Cruzbike :slight_smile: )

Some events with recumbents?