Activity won't quit, rides won't upload

A ride won’t quit on the Companion App (iPhone), consequently, new rides don’t save. Plus, my Garmin uploads stopped working.

  • I disconnected the Garmin connection (on my Mac), and then reconnected it, but rides are still not uploading.
  • I deleted the activity in progress file (Mac) and restarted my computer and iPhone.

Are you saying that you tried to quit and save using the Companion App, and that’s what didn’t work? Did you try to quit and save using the pause menu within the Zwift game?

I Quit and Saved the ride as I normally do, not in the Companion app, but on the desktop App after stopping cycling (pausing) which then allows the MENU to show up in the lower left of the screen. I hit MENU, and then after the ride stats finish summarizing, the SAVE menu (show the Garmin Upload) appears and I hit Save and Upload. But it’s not happening anymore. I disconnected the Garmin connection and reconnected it, but still no automatic uploads.

I just tried a short ride again, just 5 minutes. I quit and saved as normal. However, on the Companion App it is still saying “the activity is still in progress”, and the ride time is continuing to increase even though I clearly ended and saved the ride. The Activity Log on the site continues to uptick for this ride even though I ended the ride some time ago.

What’s happening on the computer screen when you press the “Save and Quit” button?

Have you updated your Zwift game with the drop shop update? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Zwift game?

The screen upon Save and Quit looks exactly as it aways did: I finish the ride, hit MENU, wait for the ride summary to appear, hit OK at the bottom, a screen appears with the option to Save/Upload/Exit or Trash the ride. I choose Save, and the desktop app immediately closes. The behavior is precisely as it always was, except now, the ride does not stop, nor does it upload to Garmin.

Yes, my app is current with the Drop Shop update.

No, I have not yet uninstalled and reinstalled the Game, nor have I yet deleted the Companion App and re-installed it on my phone.

Also, I tried yet another short ride to see how long it would take for the activity to end if I did nothing and didn’t delete the file. After about an hour, the Activity ended on it’s own, but it still did not upload to Garmin, and it was not clear if all the ride data was precise on the Zwift Activity Log.

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So apparently the failure to upload to Garmin is a known issue, per this thread:

The failure to end the ride is odd. If it continues after you reinstall the game you will want to open a support ticket by emailing include a copy of your log files along with a description of your symptoms.

I uninstalled all Zwift applications from all computers and mobile devices. I made sure the uninstall was complete using a 3rd party uninstaller and verified all Zwift files and folders in all directories were gone. Cleaned trash, restarted computer. Reinstalled the Mac application on only one computer and then put the Companion App on one mobile device which I use while riding.

The computer application and companion app are working perfectly, the ride quit when I ended and I was able to save it as normal, so that issue of the ride not ending is behind me for now. All ride data was accurate.

HOWEVER, the ride did not automatically upload to Garmin. Of course, I can easily upload it manually, but it sure was nice having that step occur automatically. I guess I’ll just wait until Zwift technicians and Garmin can resolve the issue.


I’m glad you got the ride ending part of the issue resolved. Thanks for providing the update on that. Ride on!

Same problem here. Zwift, please don’t ignore.

Windows 10, ant+ all the way.
Tried two trainers. Two sets of hardware (power meters etc.). Tried two different accounts. Tried uninstalling Zwift, clearing the Zwift folder in Documents, even cleaning the Registry (sic!) for everything with Zwift in name. Cleared Internet caches (so that login information is not saved). And yes, tried rebooting.

Tried all above in ALL combinations. I’ve spent a bloody half day on this. Now it’s 1am in the night and I give up.


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I have the same problem, today for the first time. I selected save & exit, and now the activity is still ongoing. I use the desktop app on Mac, during the ride I also had the companion app open.

In the app it still says: “Zwifting Now”.

edit: hmm, ok, right after I posted this message I downloaded the .fit file from because I needed this. When I then checked the companion app again the ride had ended, with the correct duration. Also on Coincidence?

Hi, everyone!

I have the same problem today, is anyone found out how to fix this problem and could help me?


I just had this exact same problem. I was doing a custom workout, workout finished and I kept riding until the course I was on completed. I received the badge for “Everything Bagel” in New York and ended the ride, saved and exited. However the companion never recorded anything past the workout and it never ended. Its still active as I write this. Nonetheless I did not get my badge the, the ride never got uploaded to strava. In the end I opted to upload the ride manually, however this behavior really makes me start thinking twice about the integrity of this application.

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Have you been able to solve the issue?! I am experiencing the same thing today… comapnion is still running while I’m sitting here!?!

Using iPhone 11, latest ios etc.

Same here. Tried on Ipad and Android, same result.
Activity won’t stop after save and quit. Nothing in myzwift. Zwift companion showing “zwifting now”.

A ride needs to be at least 2km to be saved! Otherwise Zwift won’t stop the ride until you cancel it. This solved my problem after just testing my new HR sensor … hope this information helps you!


:joy: I’ve just done about 12 0.5km-1.5km rides trying to test near gear and couldn’t figure why it would not save. Just came to this thread and seen this. Thank you :+1:

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Yeah thanks all. Same problem whilst testing new laptop. Five rides of about 0.5km. :+1:

Has there been a solution to this issue? I am apparently still riding as I am typing and sitting on the couch?

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