Ride not saving. Companion states ride is still in progress

I use the zwift app on my iPhone. My rides stopped uploading after pressing save ride today. In zwift companion it says that ride is still in progress. Therefore is also doesn’t upload to Strava. I have deleted and re-installed both zwift and companion app and this has not helped. How can I sort this? Any ideas?

I had this this morning PLUS my rides aren’t saving I got 1 out of 5 to save. That is not good.

Hopefully it’s something that zwift can fix soon, like its a little glitch or something. you expect it to work properly when you pay a monthly membership

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And today a ride uploaded and saved. Very odd. Hopefully its fixed now. I will check again next time

So it’s gone back to not saving and saying ride in progress on companion :weary::sob: I despair

was there an answer to the companion saying the ride is in progress? I had this today too.

I’m getting this on both my iPhone and iPad at the moment, the ride shows as in progress in the Campanion app even when I have saved it. It doesn’t upload but the .fit file is fine and I can upload it manually to Strava

Hi @Tim_Eckes, this usually indicates that you lost network connection when attempting to save and exit. Try force closing all the Zwift apps on your devices, eventually it should clear up, but you likely lost some of the data from your ride in Zwift.


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I will add to what @Mike_Rowe_PBR said. This could also happen if you have the zwift app running on more than one device.

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