Rides not Saving companion and Strava

Iv not used my trainer for a couple of months. I did the update on the 7th and then rode.
The ride wasn’t saved on companion or Strava.
I did another ride on the 8th and the same has happened. Iv removed access from Zwift to Strava and reinstated it. Iv deleted the apps and reinstalled but still not working.
Please help.

What do you run the game on?

Laptop running windows.

Possibly this bug

Hi @Ian_Parham, Welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift. I checked your logs generated in-game and there isn’t anything obvious to hint that the source of the issue is happening on your end.

Same as Paul, I’d also be inclined to believe this is related to the known issue above. Please know that we’re working tirelessly and a fix should be released soon. If you’d still like a more personalized assistance you can always get in touch with us in this link.