Activity data missing

During my ride yesterday I noticed what was likely a Ride On coming from a famous sports athlete. After my ride I went to my activity log to check this out, and found instead a lot of missing data. I was unable to see or check who gave me Ride Ons during that particular ride. I also was missing data about power and other ride details. This is the first time I’ve experienced this. Is this a common issue?

What time did you ride yesterday? There was some Zwift server maintenance going on for a bit, so perhaps the data was just delayed in being posted to your activity. Have you checked it today?

It was yesterday evening local time. As of this writing the ride is listed as 16 hours ago. Yes, I’ve checked this activity log several times. Nothing’s changed. Just missing lots of data, including who gave Ride Ons and who I rode with.

I’m still receiving Ride Ons for this ride, and still cannot see who they’re from.

If its your ride labelled “France” in the companion app then it looks like you had a network glitch of some sort.

The problem is usually due to your local environment (wifi, router etc). It’s always good to restart your internet router and make sure you keep wireless devices in your environment off or to a minimum while you are riding (sensors for trainers, HRM’s speed/cadence all play in the same space as wifi, bluetooth etc).