Activity climb does not add to total climb

Hello there.

I’ve done today two workouts on Watopia route “Road to sky” to earn some climb towards getting Tron bike. After first easy workout was done I’ve selected another one and it started successfully. At some point the usual unlock message loop occured (Trek Madone), but I didn’t care at that moment. I was almost on top of the mountain when the second workout ended (I had hoped to climb the rest on free ride), and at that exact moment Zwift froze. I was not able to make it work again so I had to kill the process.

At first workouts were not uploaded to Zwift or anywhere else. I used the “inProgressActivity” to upload to intervals icu and Garmin Connect. After some time this activity appeared on Zwift website, but its climb (almost 1000m) was not added to total climb. Could you look into that and make that climb and distance count?

The activity ID is 1233947960417452064 (at least that is in its URL on zwift).


Hi - for investigating one specific activity for a one specific person - contacting Support will be the better way to get the help you need. Please let the chatbot know that you’d like to speak to a human who can help investigate your ride.