Activation code problem [MARCH 2024]

does anyone know if there is a way to get in contact with the zwift support staff who is an actual person instead of AI?
I have been sending emails back and forth with swift about my activation code not working for over a week now. And they just keep sending me to the page where there is no place to enter my activation code.
When I went under membership and put in the activation code, it shows there is an error.
I have already paid for the whole year of subscription but can’t activated it. It’s getting very frustrating.

just in case:

  1. my old subscription is canceled already on iPhone. it expires on March 27. according to the email zwift sent me, this should allow me to activate my code already.
  2. in the activation page, there is a link that’s suppose to lead me to where I can enter the activation code but it just keep taking me to the exact same page.

Hi @Yu_Ju_Chang, thank you for reaching out on our forums. I see you’ve already reached out to Zwift Support via email. Let’s continue that email conversation so we can help you get this figured out.

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