A few problems that I want to solve - connecting sensors after a ride starts and skipping warm ups

I’ve been trying to put some miles on Zwift and a few (two) things have really bugged me.

First was when I had done a nice 30 minute ride and decided to do a workout. I wanted to skip the warm up because I had already warmed up and I didn’t have time to grind out another warm up. Is there a way to skip warmups? I understand that warm ups are integral but, like I said, I warmed up.

Connecting sensors after a workout starts. I noticed that my HRM was not connected but that’s fine. I use a Fenix and it only transmits when a workout is happening, so no surprise that it’s not connected. So I started the ramp test and I was spinning the warmup I was moving around, getting the companion set up, arranging water bottles, starting the Fenix. (I discard the Fenix workout and save the Zwift to strava.) Now I’m dialed in and I finish the warmup. Then I notice that my hrm did not connect. I CANNOT figure out how to connect it without stopping the workout. Is that possible? So I stop the workout, hrm connects immediately, and now I need to warmup again! Arg. Same question as above.

On Windows you can use the TAB key to skip workout blocks. The companion app can also be used to skip.

The A key bring up the paring screen.

Nice! Thank you.

What if I fat finger and hit tab twice but I want to go back?

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Sorry James there is no going back. I would be nice.