91km in 1:15. How is this possible?

Hi all,

Attached is an interesting screen dump.

How can you ride 91 km in 1 hour 15 mins?

My take is: attach yourself to a Zwift rider, just about to descent Alpe Du Zwift, then when you get to the bottom, attach yourself to a different Zwift rider at the top of the Aple, and repeat the process.

I have redacted parts of he image to protect the ‘innocent’.

It means you can get to level 100 pretty quickly.

Any thought?

Nothing wrong - it is so great they are enjoying Zwift and it’s just a game.

However, they don’t get the satisfaction of having a world-tour-pro beating performance uphill, ie, they are missing out on doing 33 minute Alpe du Zwift lap time with 120bpm heart rate like the current “top” riders seem to do lap after lap.

Yes, about that…

It doesn’t pay to call out this sort of stuff, same for Big Spin with all the late join shenanigans (ie, only 2km of a ride to get the spinner).

I see this constantly, and if I had a dollar for each time I’ve removed a follower that “coincidently” joined me when I reached the top…

I feel sorry for those trying to reach whatever lever this way, it probably transfers to how they try to get thru real life too :thinking:


Sad puppies.

That’s a lot of work to avoid a little work.


Hmmm…I think I would do something like that to try and get the 100 KPH badge as I do not care too much about levels. Try different downhills. I use a cross bike and am missing top end gearing to help me along…

Oh nevermind…not that big of a deal…

just one thought: cool idea

probably because you went and did exactly that yourself after moralising about it, to my immense enjoyment

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I just don’t accept followers on Zwift - I hit X immediately unless it is someone I always ride with a lot and know outside of Zwift.

The method mentioned is a lot of bother to get kms in Zwift which are not real kms anyway. You’d spend more time trying to find riders at the top of ADZ about to descend and ADZ isn’t massively popular unlike the flat-lands elsewhere in Watopia. I prefer to just ride up ADZ, load up Fulgaz and ride alone on a route Zwift doesn’t have or go outside and ride a real bike. I’m not much on Zwift anymore.