18hrs and 706km and counting!!!

I just had to share that I’m on Zwift and this one player has been on for 18hrs so far with 706km and he’s still going!

Zwift, you guys should just give him the Buffalo bike for being this dedicated!

I’ve observed this person on Zwift several times over the last several weeks doing huge distances, usually via the phone app. I had given him a Ride On on those occasions, but now I am starting to question whether it really is a person on their bike or someone simply ‘levelling up’ via nefarious means.

Check out the average speed. Just over 38 kph after 18 hours using the numbers in your screen shot. When I saw him earlier today the average speed was just over 39 kph (608kms at 15.5 hours). Hmmmmmm.

Just checked the phone app again and he’s now done 941kms in 25.5 hours. That’s an average speed of 36.9 km/h… after a day and a bit in the saddle. There’s been a few crazy records set on Zwift for distance and/or time, but could this be a bit much?

If I’m wrong I’ll apologise, but I’d hate to think that there are people cheating their way to a full swag of kit.

Watched this guy for ten minutes.

Never changed from 164 watts and 95 RPM no matter whether the gradient was up, down or level. Just like in the pic above.



I saw another interesting one a few weeks ago while cruising on Watopia and decided to follow along for a while. Can’t remember the rider’s name, but their avatar would be pedalling at a modest cadence and cruising along on the flat and suddenly would take off at 45+ w/kg for a few seconds and then stop dead. rinse and repeat numerous times before they logged off.

Could it be someone setting up a motorized bike on a trainer or just outright fudging power output some other way?

Just watched him again for a while. Second half of a lap of Watopia then all the way down the ocean road. Didn’t deviate for one second from 166 watts and 95 RPM…

Zwift need to pull the account.


I logged in this morning and 24hrs + on a bike. I don’t know if he’s a super endurance athlete or is gaming the game. But all of a sudden he’s on a new ride and his long ride isn’t showing up on his activities.

I would like to believe this is legit as it makes no sense to cheat a fitness game.

Obviously re-programmed the motor. Now doing a constant 277 watts and 93 RPM without the slightest deviation.

At least he’s changed his jersey…

I’ve seen another dude doing the samething. One day he road 500km at an average speed of 40Km/h. Next day riding the same distance again with almost the exact speed. I don’t understand these people, whats the goal? To have a bike nobody else does? To me it seems like some people dont get the idea of Zwift. This is not some sort of Game, its a fitness app. What you achieve, is for yourself. You can’t win anyhting…you digg it?

I’ve also seen a number of others gaming the game since as well and agree Andre what’s the point. Even saw 3 gaming it together. In their profile the followed the same person. 

Perhaps they plan on selling the level 25 account on eBay thinking there is some value to it like old WoW characters. 

But since Zwift is billed as a MMO game it would be interesting to know what the developers are doing to catch these hackers as when you see someone with the century jersey it should be because they put in the time with their legs to get it and not because they, I’ll just say it, cheated. 

I watched a guy a while back who was riding at 1500 watts constantly and his pedal revs was about 40 rpm, checked his profile and he’d done a lot of miles on Zwift - have screen dumps somewhere if Zwift want them.

This is why Zwift will never take off and become a serious game. Without the ability to remove/ban users that are gaming the system the whole segment/level system is pointless.

User S Trava Bot held a constant 270w 92rpm for 2+ hrs on the course. No HR and his final ride was called Strava Segment Creator. Fine if this user wants to artificially inflate their stats. But what sucks is taking the segment jerseys away from others. The segments are part of the game and if a cheater takes them, whats the point in having them.

Much like others here, we pay $10 a month to play this game. Having cheaters play right next to us sucks.

Zwift, what systems do you have in place to catch cheaters other than relying on us paying members to flag riders to no end.

All other online game companies takes hackers/cheaters seriously. Why don’t you?


Lindsay Rupar saw the rider yesterday morning over 170km. This morning (16hr and 400km) later still going at it on her very first ride?

iOS development is great but what have you done to address cheaters?


Just watched for a few minutes; obviously the motor is set to crank out 135 watts no matter what the gradient.

I suppose when these are new users we are not likely to see them again as the 50 kms trial will be up; that is, assuming they do eventually pull the plug on the “ride”. If they can’t do it any other way I do wonder if Zwift should re-jig the trial…perhaps require a month’s payment up front which is then automatically refunded at the end of the 14 days/50 kms. But I can see pretty obvious reasons why they wouldn’t wish to do so.

But they do need to root out these cheaters.



Hi guys,

No need for the pitchforks, everyone! “Lindsay Rupar” is one of our QA testers doing a crash test and she forgot to unpair from the “live” version. :slight_smile:

No pitchforks at all Eric. It’s just when you see these users game the system it just plain sucks.

I input my real weight and I put down some serious sweat but when you see someone who is gaming the system fly on by, its like really, LoL would have you banned.

Where the other users above testers as well? I always thought Zwift employees had the Z icon?

I do use the report feature on the mobile link but like the other users above nothing seems to happen and they just keep on going and going.