800% increased subscription price

I’m bowing out on this. It’s moving towards a non Zwift topic and is likely to start causing offence.

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I respect both opinions. I talked to 12 of my friends who ride bikes and use Zwift, they say that if there is 800% price increase stays, they will have to cancel their subscriptions, unfortunately I cannot afford it. Instead of an 800% price increase, it is more reasonable to have half of it, that is 200 TL in this way, many Turkish users will continue to subscribe. All we want is for local pricing. Lots of big companies are doing local pricing. It’s not a loss, it’s a gain. After all the decision will be made by Zwift financial management, I hope they listen us. Have a great day.


I see where you are coming with your thinking, but price discrimination is not the same thing as price subsidy. Zwift will not be “subsidizing” anything with local pricing. They will be pricing with respect to purchasing power so they can capture more demand for their service and generate more revenue.

You are right, consumers don’t make decisions relatively, they make it individually. And it is almost certain a lot of Turkish subscribers will think that Zwift is not affordable anymore for them, even though they are paying the same fee as anyone else around the world.

For the same reason, no one in the US will cancel their subscription because Turkish subscribers can be paying less in absolute terms. Have Americans been buying less big-macs because they are half the price in Turkey? No.

Members in Turkey had to cancel their monthly subscriptions, including myself, because the monthly membership fees were increased by 800%. Implementing a more affordable pricing policy, taking into account the economic conditions of the countries, would greatly help in regaining members. We hope that there will be an effort to regain members in lower-income countries like ours.

This has been requested previously and comprehensively shot down by other users. For one thing, there are many riders in “wealthy” countries struggling with costs too. I’d just be thankful that you had it cheap for so long.


I’m not being dragged into this again other than posting the link to the previous coverage.

wowzer they were only paying 50 TL that is a steal. UK i’ve been paying nearly 10 times that for the last 5 years. 400 TL would be a price drop for me.

There probably needs to be a balance as the OP says maybe 400 TL is too high give the 50 TL before but not sure anyone on the forums from ZHQ will commit on international pricing policy.

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I think this update on post 7 from the linked similar thread outlines Zwift’s position regarding pricing around the world.

UPDATE from my colleagues on the Subscriptions team for Zwifers in Turkey:

A recent audit discovered that the Zwift subscription price through the Apple App Store was based on an old Turkish New Lira to US Dollar conversion rate. The pricing changes have been implemented to match the advertised subscription price of $14.99. We apologise for the sudden change. Moving forward, we will be conducting currency exchange rate reviews on a more regular basis to avoid such a significant change in the future.

As does Pricing FAQ

Q: How much does it cost to ride on Zwift?

A: USD $14.99/month (or local equivalent) plus sales/local taxes based on regions/postal codes.

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It’s clear that this will have the effect of shedding many subscribers in countries where people are less affluent. I understand the company’s choice but as a customer I would prefer that they keep those riders in the game somehow. Hopefully they are watching cancellations on a country-by-country basis and thinking about whether this is a good idea. Once those subscribers flee to a lower cost (or free) alternative they will be harder to recover. I also wonder what they mean by “local equivalent” - does that mean simply doing currency conversion to arrive at the cost, or will they think about the buying power of that money in the local economy?

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It says the price has been changed to match the advertised price. So they aren’t increasing your subscription. You’ve been paying much less than you should have been.

I.e…they haven’t increased the subscription price…it was and still is 14.99 USD. You have just been lucky that due to an fx error you have been getting it for well below the price you should have been paying.

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You should compare income of Turkey to your income. Basic math skills won’t cover this subject. There is more in this subject. You should search prices of Spotify, netflix, Apple, and etc in Türkiye and other countries.

Thanks Paul

This doesn’t answer my question at all. Exchange rate has been going up all this years and out of the blue they increased it suddenly 800 %

Exactly Can. Thanks for your wonderful feedback

Basic math skills won’t cover this subject

:+1::+1::+1: thanks

Yes compare to the income

Thanks Chris , let me buy you drink the next time you come to Istanbul

Yes it would be fair to have prices based on the income. That’s what the global companies exactly do in Turkey like spotify, diesny plus, netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple

I have been paying for at least 2 years