Monthly payment fees

Hellow Zwifters,

I would like to highlight something important recently few countries faced it

After the big inflation happened recently in egypt now 1 USD = 24.60 which is the monthly subscription is 370 EGP now and it’s a big amount compared to 5 years ago and unfortunately i can’t afford this amount due to country economic situation

My recommendation for zwift to define different packages to the countries faced economic problem and the subscribers to prove that they are live there to be able to continue using zwift

So is there anyone facing the same problem

Also i need your support to be able to make my voice available for the zwift board


Many thanks

I dont think any countries are immune to rampant inflation these days and this includes the various Zwift locations where they too are having to pay higher wages, costs to suppliers.

We are all in the same boat.

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I do think that regional pricing might be fairer, as this kind of 15x price increase (not the fault of Zwift) might result in fewer people in Egypt riding on Zwift, and therefore makes the world a little less diverse. Think of it as paying $225 USD for Zwift.

That being said, setting up multiple currencies and dealing with them will cost money - probably not 15x, though.

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