450+ ftp

Just wondering how may people in here can put out a 450+ FTP, regardless of what weight they are?

may be a pro rider for 20 mins,

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maybe pro, maybe ebike, maybe dodgy trainer.

usually if they are that good and likely near pro you find they have strava with comparable rides and possibly duel recording.

If you see they don’t that strava, ride without hrm etc then i start getting suspicious of faulty configuration or cheating.

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Where is this going?

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Genuine interest. Im involved in a new sport where absolute rather than relative wattage is a primary focus - which I appreciate is not the norm in cycling. Initial stages but gauging what ability is out there.

Is that Gerrie with his finger over the lock button ready to silence any dissent?

450W FTP is not uncommon. Chasing Germans on hour plus morning lake rides they hold over 500W. I am screaming to stay in the middle of that group at half their power.

But it is less common on Zwift because they will be penalised. Even brief Cat 2 level performance outside of racing often gets noticed. Sunday I was cruising up the volcano climb at 4.5-5 and someone direct messaged me.

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Yes with over 100 new posts daily we need to keep our fingers on the button.

Quoted out of context.

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Fixed I had no bad intention. I just quoted a section to keep contex.

Strava? You are kidding right?

Really? I often do 4.5w up the volcano and nobody says anything much at all. About the only thing that happens is the guy you pass who was doing 2.5w suddenly increases to 6.5w.

Someone else mentioned strava before, for a long time I didn’t use strava either. TrainingPeaks did everything I wanted. Those kinds of w/kg are easy enough for me being light.

Most of the riders I knew with these big watts were typically pro riders at 80kg or so. The ones nearer my weight were in the 350-370w range.

Thanks for your input. I work in a sport where there is employment opportunities for athletes who can put out large wattage over 20 mins or display high sprint repeatability (over the same time). Current problem we are finding is trying to find riders who can manage a 450+ ftp for 20 mins. These athletes would ideally be around 90 but could go up to 100kg.

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That surprised me too. I was nowhere near my fastest either. Normally faster than 7 for that short segment. Tall poppy syndrome?
That is something else about Zwift. A lot of people don’t seem to understand that very light riders can have very high W/kg disproportional to average weight riders.

there are only a handful of people in the world with that level of ability at 90kg and most of them are probably salaried or sponsored athletes already. it will be rare to find someone at 100kg capable of that power too


Ganna (82kg) springs to mind.

Thanks for the feedback. We are in touch with a few pro’s from various disciplines, obviously this is a great platform for scouting. Hopefully we can get something more official on here soon.

Looking at the top ranked people on zwiftpower i can find quite a few legitimate guys capable of 400-420 for 20 minutes, but not much higher:

Zwiftpower Leaderboard

it might be worth your time to sift through the first few pages of this and see if anyone fits your requirements, and whether they can be contacted or not. almost all of these guys are sponsored already, however

Penalised how? And did you really get noticed doing that?? It’s nothing for a short time (Volcano length) and not unusual for FTP. I’ve gone around doing a lot more than that and never had anybody, Zwift or fellow riders, give a monkeys.

As for random Germans doing 500w for an hour, when Ganna doing 523 for 13 mins made headlines, unless it was Tony Martin I’m calling custard, to use a phrase from a different forum. I presume what you mean is they rolled 500w turns?


I’m glad you replied because I was bothered by the idea of someone thinking they had to try to compete against people with FTP above 400, let alone 500.
300 is very good and many people (50%) won’t obtain it.
350 is even more rare (5%)?
These are guesses but the simple fact is 300 watts is a lot of work.
Exaggerating performance, intentionally or not, encourages others to “one up”, and maybe fudge things.


“Random Germans”? Is that how you deal?

Call it what you want. Those days pace can be over 60kph without wind. You work it out. They’d be coned on Zwift.

People no longer congratulate a good performance. Most likely insinuate or accuse them of cheating. That is penalty in itself. There is something horribly wrong with cycling.


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