20MIN DQ on a TOW Group Ride?

I just finished third on a TOW Longer Ride and was chuffed when I got the FTP increase notification at the end of the ride but when I went to check my stats on Zwift Power I found out I had been DQ’d for 20MIN and my result removed. How is this possible:

a) On a group ride/race
b) My 20 minute power was 4.8w/kg
c) Zwift Power recently promoted me to Cat A anyway?

Now I’m worried that this might happen again in a race.

I’d say you exceeded the CEVAZ limits.

I dont know what the limits are and couldnt find much info on CEVAZ on the web but hopefully someone here can chime in with details. You can always dispute your result by following the instructions in the below thread:

If you dont get a timely response (say a week), you can followup with an email to zwiftpower@zwift.com

I think it was most likely setup incorrectly, tour events shouldn’t DQ anyone. I believe this happened during the tour de Zwift a few months ago too on one of the stages.

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I think 20 minute power of 4.8 w/kg pushes you into category A+.
Bizarre that they apply it to the TOW group ride… but good problem to have - that is amazing power!
Can you sprint??

4.8w/kg for 20min is bordering on pro level, some event organisers require additional verification to prove your setup is legit i.e. data from a secondary power source.

not sure why it got triggered on a ToW ride though.