DQ NOPE - Zwift Power DQ Acronyms

I hope someone can shed some light on this acronym and help me understand what is going on. Competed in a race earlier today. Yet, Zwift Power has disqualified me, the note says DQ NOPE. I have not been able to find list of acronyms and can’t figure out what I did wrong. Wore HRM, power dual recorded from trainer and pedals. 20 and 5 minute power within ZADA limits.

Thanks in advance!!

Never heard of it but organisers can use whatever code they like if it’s a manual DQ done by them which i suspect this was.

Given your power numbers and age i suspect they are questioning if power is legit as it does look very suspicious to the point i’m not sure even possible.

Your sprint is amazing and anyone age 50+ hitting over 4/wkg ftp would be damn impressive but you are 5 w/kg which is near pro level at any age. it would certainly raise my suspicions if i saw that. I’d need to lookup to see even if ex-pros can hit those sort of numbers I have my doubts.

Your FTP is also within the top 0.1% of riders at any age at 428 given that the best ever hours record FTP was around 440 i would also find it highly unlikely your power numbers are accurate.

You could try contact the organiser but i would try verify your power figures first as something looks wrong to me.

just checking you were a low ish B mid last year now A+ is impossible.


Thanks for the response Gordon. I understand your concern and this is precisely why I started to dual record…including this race. Thanks again for the insight!

What are your two power sources?

Stages SB20, calibrated every session via the Stages app. Secondary is Garmin Rally 200s (duals) to Garmin Fenix 6X/520 Plus. Calibrated via the Garmin app or the watch every session. IRL using SRAM Quarq RED AXS Power Meter to 520 Plus, which is one of the most accurate PMs available, Get similar 20 minute FTP readings.

From your Zwiftpower profile: September 2020 - November 2022: Wahoo Kickr Bike (loved it, but destroyed six of them, so had to move on)

Damn, you “destroyed” 6 kickr bikes? You should start calling some pro teams for a contract.

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Also, Bradley Wiggins hour record was 440 watts and he is the same weight as you I think. Sounds like you should beat his record, go for it!

Oh and Filippo Ganna, you have a similar power profile as him. Call Ineos and get a contract!

For reference What does a pro cyclist FTP look like? • ProCyclingUK.com

Your FTP and weight is similar to pro cyclist Ryan Mullen who is in his cycling prime at 28yr old and ridden in grand tours.

The numbers you are doing are impossible for you age so either you have some very faulty power meters or worse you are intentionally cooking the figures either way the DQ seems 100% fair given the data so if you want to avoid being DQ you need to investigate your setup to see where the problem is.


impressive numbers aside, sounds like @S_ticky_KRT is having fun with the zp tags. your dual was close to 10% out across the board. it’s never explicitly stated in the event rules but most organisers want duals within ~5% when they require them


I hear you loud and clear. I will work on getting another set of power pedals to further verify my power output. Cheers!

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While the odds would say that something is wrong with your power calibrations, I’m secretly hoping it’s real and you end up with a pro contract somewhere. Even if it’s only for a year, or two, that would be an amazing adventure. Certainly worthy of a GCN special!

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I would post IRL Effort up a Climb to verify your performance with VAM…if you have that please share cause your Strava is Private. DUAL Recordings are worth 0 cause it’s to easy to manipulate data.

I’m sure @S_ticky_KRT will give you your win back.

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Hi @Daniel_Erman yeah that was me; appreciate you reaching out and dual recording too.

@Gordon_Rhino-Racing has summed up my position very well. Your numbers are bordering on impossible so I’d ask that you check your set up. I have no personal experience of a Stages SB20 or a Garmin Rally but there is clearly a significant difference in the two values rendering the dual meaningless. What is even more surprising is the primary power numbers are the ones reading the lowest otherwise your numbers would have been (even more) extraordinary.

If you add Hrr from your Zwiftpower (profile) columns menu you can clearly see something is amiss. HRR is average power divided by average heart rate; not an exact science as many factors can effect heart rate but can provide useful evidence.

Your HRR yesterday for 50km was 2.5 and recently it has been consistently higher. In May 2022 prior to your improvement it was often under 1.7 which is more likely.


Edit - I broke the quote

@Daniel_Erman this is my Dual Recordning Test of BAD Calibration with Stages PM

It’s extreme example…i was doing 300W with 100bpm. This is my Treshold power and ussualy my HR is 170 to 175bpm at 300W :smiley:

Enjoy and RIDE ON…i still want to see your Hill Climb efforts outside IRL for VAM comparison.

Daniel has a history of mismatching power readings:

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otter trainers… I like it!

It’s very difficult to break a Kickr bike. How were they breaking/broken for you? (What failed)

Check out his weight “verification” video, which is publicly posted on his ZP. Draw your conclusions appropriately.

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i know somebody that has broken 3…think saddle, crank and water damage.