Zwiftpower Raw Power DQ

I have an unusual problem: I am a large rider (97 kg) with a high FTP (450W). As a result, many of my race results are automatically flagged on Zwiftpower, and I get DQed based on raw 20-minute power output. I then have to email Zwift support and ask for the DQ to be lifted, which they always do, but they usually take 3-4 weeks. (I dual-record all my races with Tacx Neo 2T and Shimano DA, and use a HR monitor.) I have asked Zwift repeatedly to label my account and protect it from these automatic DQs, to no avail. I have offered up many real-life results as additional evidence of my power output, including a recent (Aug 2021) win at USAC Master’s Nationals in the 25-mile TT.

If anyone has suggestions for where/to whom at Zwift I might turn to have this addressed, let me know.

Sorry, can’t help with the problem, but that’s one h*ll of an FTP!

Which category do you race in?

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Back when Sticky was still moderator on the platform you had to send evidence, etc to the zwiftpower facebook profile and then it could be set so you would not trigger the autodq, so the functionality is there. Your best chance is sending a email to but thats probably already the people you have written to to get the individual dq’s removed.

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