DQ NOPE - Zwift Power DQ Acronyms

Scale on carpet, isn’t that wrong?

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This sounds very much like a Kiss Racing DQ code.

Something to consider for whatever replaces ZwiftPower would be a DQ code that specifically expresses doubt about the rider’s equipment. It should be documented to advise the rider to do more independent validation of their equipment.


and ideally it should come from zwift as a auto DQ. Zwift does auto flag but I’m sure it does not take into account age which should also be a large factor.

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Here is my review and i agree with the DQ. Since November his numbers are +100W higher with much lower HR. October was already indication that something is wrong and his Power/HR is already weird.


If you take it as perfectly reasonable that a user is unsure if their kit is mis-reporting numbers, surely his club should be asking some questions if they are taking part in the TTT each week?

Or is it saying nothing as it benefits us… The Hoole excuse…

I think ‘DQ NOPE’ is kinda perfect


But not as well described as the other DQ in that race :rofl:


I think the double recording is commendable. While difference is huge both record very high power. Unfortunately this is Zwift and we need to deal with humans. Naturally biased to one self, we are all more likely believe we are amazing than the contrary. As a result Zwift is full of incorrect equipment without the riders realizing. A racer I bumped into regularly upgraded his equipment and FTP dropped around 25%. He got double recording to see if it was his upgraded equipment or himself. Unfortunately for him it is the latter. Hard to tackle but at least showing what equipment is used can help (and possibility to block equipment like the Schwinn bikes).

We have category enforcement but organisers cannot block riders that obviously sprinting record power that is incorrect from entering. This should be possible with a nice message that their equipment is off. Once performance is validated or corrected they can be off the undesired list. Instead, like before category enforcement, riders can just enter and ruin races. No wonder this can’t be taken seriously, Zwift themselves do not.

Also telling is a comment of @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn on his own website discussing results of tiny races. Biggest fan (or at least a big one) of Zwift can’t take racing serious. Unfortunately this all piles up in A category. As a result no sensible B wants to be in A as at least in B you are protected by some, arbitrary, wattage ceilings. A is the wild west.

Another problem is focus on long term power while incorrect measurement impacts sprints a lot and therefore Zwift results.

Summary: Game is fun but a farce. Even such extremes aren’t tackled, let alone all mismeasurements less extreme. Worse part is that Zwift is providing no tools to alleviate the pain.


Fun is farce

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They are getting creative. These are for a Schwinn smart bike:


Wonder what they mean.


I agree the game needs to enforce these things up front, and not rely on community because it creates toxicity around “grey areas” in the rules rather than just a technical standard. The problem for Zwift is that these people pay, and they need money.

Where I disagree is that this is confined to A. B + C have no protection from people adding weight to stay under cat limits while pushing hilarious raw wattage. Add to the issue all those people using 3rd party software to monitor in-game stats like draft and proximity to their “20min limit”, and you have a sandbaggers paradise of fanciful numbers. Notably, the 3rd party stuff was effectively endorsed by Eric and then VERY strongly supported by people in the comments.

Not sure what comment you’re talking about?

Comment under Tiny Race Series – Pack Dynamics 4, March 4 Routes, and Last Week’s Results | Zwift Insider

Quite sure I saw it under your name but it’s now Ethan Miller. Seeing your comment there apparently website was glitching that it seemed to be you? Apologies.

Ah! No worries.

I just wonder where is our OP @Daniel_Erman…looks like he’s missing in action and no longer on AHDR Team on ZP.

IMO we should have everyone doing above 300W to have IRL Verification it’s really easy to do a 10min HILL Climb and check VAM/Power/HR data…but NO we have 500W monsters on SPIN BIKEs doing this every hour on Zwift.


I have a FTP of ~350 = ~4WKG (last year I did after a training block (peak-form) a FTP of 400watts =~4,4wkg in IRL on a TT)

But a 10 min hill climb is a 3 hour drive by car. And then I’m still not sure if I could do 10 minutes climbing, because of the length of the hills.

Perhaps it is better to invest another 1000 euro ontop of my 3000 euro smart-trainer for power-pedals. Because my SB-20 does now have the name of being inaccurate……

Just to prove to some guy on the interment, which I do not know that my power is possible.

I hope you get my frustration. Just because someone is able to produce power, they have to do all kind of crazy tricks to prove they are actually making that power. Or they are being asked to do another big investment in money, because their expensive trainers are being questioned.

My Strava is not public, because I don’t want the internet to know where my house is, but because it is private, I’m accused being on a E-bike or skewing my results.

Mostly I’m accused by frustrated people who are making 2wkg, doing one race throughout the week and a coffee/beer - ride in the weekend…… I train my ass of for a not so impressive 4,4WKG in my prime….

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Wouldn’t you want to defend your position, instead of having this cloud hanging over your head.

With such impressive power numbers you should be IRL racing or at least KOM hunting.

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“With great power comes great responsibility” :wink::blush:


Yes if I weighed 60kg’s ….

I weigh 90 and and with 400 watts I’m nowhere near competitive.

But when you send me some powerpedalls, or book me a training camp. I’m happy to prove you.
Just not willing to throw away money for what could be an internet-troll. When I prove my power then there will be someone questioning my weight/height or my blood-passport.

But why is it so hard to believe when I’m just still a high B or low A?

Why have I to buy powerpedals to dual record because (I assume) I produce more power then you?

My IRL bike is showing a similar power curve over the last years. So I know my numbers are correct.