2020 World ChampionshipsAigle/Martigny

Things to include for new course

Like a giant giving a Ride-On!
PS The actual course has not been announced, just the area.

Plants (non-native invasive)

Don’t touch.

Possible parts of route:


Black Woodpecker

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Of course, Zermatt is only about 70 km’s away.


Only one year to wait.

and of course, wheels made of swiss cheese.


Courses unveiled!

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By when the new UCI 2020 routes in Aigle/Martigny will be added to Zwift ? are we sure Zwift is working on it ?

Switzerland is scheduled for September. Is that what your asking about?

Yes, correct as per the title of this topic :slight_smile:

Here’s the route.
The climb is very similar to the reverse Innsbruck climb, from what I can tell.

The profile is here.

The main climb is 390 meters over 3.8 km, which is an average of 10.3%, so quite steep. The reverse climb is 400 meters in 5.0 km, so 8.0%. The lap gains 458 meters (in either direction, obviously), the rest of the climbing gradual on the 19.4 km circuit.

Less interesting than Innsbruck because of the lack of the steep short climb, I think. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Zwift were to skip it, since it doesn’t add too much, other than the increased steepness on the climb.

Zwift has a paid contract with the UCI to produce the next two courses, Switzerland and Belgium.I agree that it isn’t the best course for Zwift that is. Richmond is the best I think. Thanks for posting here as this was sort of collecting ideas for course enhancements.and visual ideas. To me, any course is exciting and I think Zwifters should be able to say what they want on a new course. Most seem to want a flat section option with a sprint zone.

Thanks Daniel and Zee. Thanks for the confirmation. I am living close to the Martigny final loop route and know it well. I confirm that yes, I can remind the Innsbruck loop. However the climb composed by smaller curves and is more dynamic / nervous. I hope that they put some nice Swiss iconic clichés. The reverse climb is very constant in a nice vineyard with great lookouts on the town of Martigny. Hope they will be able to render it.

That’s great information. Curves make a big difference to feel. The Innsbruck climb has long, straight drags which are mentally sapping. Curves provide short-term goals.

I think there’s two questions. One is if they had to choose a route to do without any restrictions, would they choose this? Maybe not. But there is another question, which is given a commitment to generate the route, will it add to the game? It sounds like the answer is yes.

And if they add braking in corners to the game (automatic or manual), curves will also change the feel of the descent.

The main aspect of real life courses should be their atmosphere. There has to be something that makes Switzerland different than Innsbruck. The rumored prize money for this course will make a difference too.
I’m liking Crit City more and more now. At first it was just okay. But now I think it’s a fun course. As for the hills, it is what the real race chose. So we are kind of stuck with it. Maybe we can drop the hammer time and add a yodel.

Switzerland WC cancelled
Looks like it is virtual Zwift World’s or nothing. UCI says final decision is September 1. We were scheduled to get Zwift Switzerland Friday September 11.

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World Championships rescheduled for Imolia-Romagna Italy

The circuit (28.8km) will be the same for the men (9 laps) and women (5 laps) and will include two difficult climbs (3km in total with an average gradient of 10% and sections reaching 14%).

This sounds spectacular: perhaps preferable Swiss course, which was very similar to the Innsbruck short lap (I love the Innsbruck short lap, so wouldn’t complain, but variety is nice).

The total climb is 5000 meters over 9 laps, so that’s 550 meters per 28.8 km lap. The two climbs, if the statistics are correct, would account for 300 of those 550 meters. Total climbing is 19.3 meters per km. In contrast, Innsbruck short lap is 20.6 meters per km.

I wonder if Zwift is going to have time to roll out this course, or is already committed to the Swiss route.

Zwift is using Watopia Hilly course for the December race. But, I don’t see any reason why they can’t release Switzerland this month? If we don’t get it with the next update, then we probably won’t get it at all.

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it’d be a shame to waste the map assuming it is completed and ready.

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