2011 Cervelo P2 Adapter Not Fitting

Hi Everyone,

I just started using Zwift Hob today and had an issue with the set-up.

I have a 2012 Cervelo P2 with a quick-release Skewer. I measured the drop outs on my bike and it seemed to be on the smaller side. I followed the instructions and inserted the colored end of the adapter in the non-cassette side of the Hub. I was not able to do this, the drop outs did not fit onto the Hub.

I was only able to fit my bike onto the Hub without any adapter at all. This meant I had to have the skewer very tight against the (carbon) frame but the skewer held and I was able to ride without issues for 34 minutes.

I was wondering if anyone else had had this issue with not being able to use an adapter, especially with a Cervelo.

Thanks for reading!