Zwift Hub frame fit issue

I just got my Zwift Hub. The rear dropouts on my 2011 Schwinn Le Tour Classic measured seemingly for the 130 mm quick release adapter. When I try to mount the frame to the Zwift Hub it just doesn’t fit… I’ve got the bike geared to the recommended gears as well. Is it possible this touring frame is just not compatible?

I looked up the bike and it appears to be a totally standard Sora-equipped road bike. I’ll be surprised if it’s not compatible. I wonder if the wrong adapters are on the trainer. You might want to contact Zwift support or show it to a local bike shop if they can’t help.

Thank you for taking the time to look at that. Yeah, it is just kind of a standard road bike which makes it strange the frame seems so narrow when I try to put it on the Zwift Hub. Per your recommendation I just contacted Zwift support via chat though. Support asked for my bike information. Was told they plan to investigate further and contact me when they had more information. Still might be worth taking it in to a bike shop like you suggested as well to get their opinion in the mean time.

Also, one or both the adapters might just be loose. Anyway, what exactly do you mean with “doesn’t fit”? Trainer axle too long or too short or something else?

So when I try to set my bike on to the trainer I can’t get the bike to set in on the axle on both sides. If I really angle the bike I can get one side to set in but really both sides should just pop on once I get the chain on the cassette. It’s as if there isn’t enough room between the bike frame for the trainer. Or the dropouts are getting in the way.

Sounds like you might have the 135 mm bits installed instead.

I can confirm the 130 mm adapter is installed due to the purple stripe not being visible outside of the hub.

Photos please?

Took the bike / Zwift Hub into my local shop. Couldn’t get the frame on the axle either. Upon measuring with the digital caliper they determined the dropout size was just a smidge too narrow for the axel due to frame paint build up. I gave them the ok to take a file to it lightly and that did the trick. Not really the route I thought things would go today but I’ll take it. Seems like things are good for now.