Help - Cannot get my bike on the Zwift Hub One


I am a complete beginner on bike. I have a Time VXR from 2005 with a Campagnolo record 10 gears and I am just unable to set my bike on the Zwift Hub One. I have a quick release rear wheel and I use the 130 mm adapter

It seems to me that my bike is too tight to fit on it. Would it possible?

I share some pictures because I think I am just a newbie and maybe I missed anything. Indeed, it seems so smooth when I look at some videos :frowning:

Is that just me or is there a compatibility issue?

Thanks a lot


Itโ€™s hard to tell whatโ€™s going on from the pictures but possibly the drive side dropout is too fat and is hitting part of the trainer. You might want to take it to a bike shop or invite an experienced friend over to take a look at it. You could also try installing the bike with the quick release completely removed from the trainer and then install it afterwards if you successfully get it on.

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Thanks Paul for your answer! I will try the second one and let you know

It worked, thanks again Paul!

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