Skewer on thru axle not flush with drop out

I assembled the Zwift Hub correctly and have the adopter on the smaller-sized drop-out, 142 mm. But the skewer is about 4 mm short of reaching the end of the drop-out. The bike is very secure and the gears work well. Is this 4 mm gap ok or should I make an adjustment?

Could you post a photo of what you’re referring to? It’s difficult to visualize this.


I’m no bike mechanic and others with more experience @Paul_Southworth might be along soon.

What is the make and model of your bike.
How do you know you should be using the 142mm adaptor?

From what I have read a few road and mountain bikes did come with a 135mm through axle - could this be the case with your bike?

Thanks for the reply. I’m sure that the drop out is 142 mm I used the card that Zwift included in the setup kit and that was the measurement

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This is from Giant’s site specs for the Defy Advanced: Rear Hub
Giant SLR 1 Disc WheelSystem; Pawl driver, [F] 12mm axle, 20h [R] 142x12mm, 24h


Ok, from what I have read your through axle should reach as far through when on the hub as it does when you are out riding on the road - does it? If not it is not set up correctly.

I assume on the non drive side you are not seeing the green part of the adaptor, that would be the case if you were using a 148mm through axle.

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It’s not on the green side. But I will try setting it up again.

Ian thanks so much for working this out with me. I took the bike off the hub and I didn’t realize when assembling it that the cassette can move in and out a bit. I put the adoptor back on and tighten it and it’s perfect now. Some times you have to redo things to get it right. Have a great day!

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Great that you are happy it is now fitting correctly.

However I am concerned about your comment “the cassette can move in and out a bit”. I would assume that the cassette should be fixed in place before and without the use or need of the adaptors. I would have thought the adaptors are only there to ensure the correct fitting/spacing to match your drop out width.

If cassette moving in and out a bit is an issue I would hope others might advise.

Did the cassette come pre fitted or did you have to fit?

What speed is your cassette and are you sure you used the appropriate spacers?

It was the drive side adapter that can not locked down. The cassette was not pushed in all the way. In any case it fits perfectly now,

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