103 Miles on the island today and it didn't save to Strava

(Tim Corso) #1

I did 103 Miles on the island today and it didn’t save to Strava. Is there anyway to resend my hard won effort, so that I have a record?

I pressed the button to save to Strava, it thought about it (spinning graphic) and then Zwift crashed. It did this last week, but it did save my ride…

Any ideas.

(Loren Willis) #2

Look for your .fit file in your documents/zwift/activities folder and manually upload it to strava.

(Chris O'Hearn Masters (E)) #3

I had the same problem just now. It has saved the miles in Zwift but not to Strava and seems to have corrupted the file.

Will have to dig around for the .fit file in Zwift but for now I am disconnecting the account. Had a similar problem yesterday.

(Tim Corso) #4

Hi Loren, Christopher,

Thanks for your help. I found the fit file and loaded it into Strava. It seemingly went in OK, but thinks I took 30 mins more than I actually road, and thinks I did the ride yesterday. The rendering of the ride (small view in the Activity Feed view) look a bit dodgy with some of the laps just a triangle.

Anyway you saved my day so a big thanks to you both.