Zwift ios fail when saving

For the second time this week when I was saving my Swift ride it said that it saved and when I went to Strava it did not show as having uploaded when I look at it on my iPhone the dot that usually shows weekly mileage is empty for Saturday what keeps causing this is it a Wi-Fi drop out or is it something that happens on the Strava end?

I know ware you can find  it, you can download all your ride from zwift.   then upload load it to strava.

If the ride shows up on your Zwift dashboard, then it’s not a problem with Zwift or your Internet connection, but the connection between Zwift and Strava. If it’s not showing up there, then the problem could be Internet or Zwift.

If it does look like a problem on our end, let us know - otherwise, you can manually download/upload the fit file from your dashboard to Strava and contact them for more information about why it may be happening.