1.42 Camera view keeps cycling & doesn't find trainer

Hi, ever since updating to v1.42 on my Mac I’ve had two consistent issues:

  1. When I’m fan viewing another rider and select my preferred camera view (Third Person, Rear Facing, etc.) the view switches to my selected view, as expected, but then nearly immediately reverts back to continuously cycling through all the different views nearly immediately. I’ve tried selecting my preferred view both through the game running on my Mac and via the Companion App on an iPhone…same behavior.

  2. Ever since the latest update when I start Zwift on the Mac it doesn’t auto detect my trainer (KICKR v5), I have to select to pair a power device then spin the trainer to get it to pop up on the Mac’s pairing screen. This happens whether the trainer is asleep or not, and it doesn’t exhibit this behavior with Zwift running on an AppleTV, which automatically pairs every time regardless of the trainer’s power state (awake or asleep) and without spinning it. The Mac used to automatically pair every time I fired up Zwift, just like on the AppleTV. Both are paired through Bluetooth.

Thanks for any help!

  1. I’m pretty sure they are aware of i’ve mentioned it but not sure if it’s due to be fixed in 1.43. hopefully at it’s really annoying.

Thanks, @Gordon_Rhino-Racing…which of these two issues are you referring to?

The first

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Regarding #2: Over Bluetooth - the Controllable signal isn’t visible until after the Power signal is paired. A lag of ~10 seconds is normal and expected.

If you want to reset your pairing behavior on macOS / PC:

  • Go to your Documents/Zwift folder.
  • Delete the file called knowndevices.xml. This file “remembers” what trainer, speed sensor, HRM, steering device, etc you’ve paired to in the past.
  • Log in an usual and pair your devices and expect the Controllable signal to lag 10 seconds.
  • Zwift as usual, and exit. Once you do, a new knowndevices.xml file will be created.

tvOS / iOS / Android are much more locked down security-wise and won’t allow you to delete a system file. To reset your ATV - you’ll have to uninstall Zwift and reinstall.

This makes me wonder if it would be possible to have a button in the game that would reset known devices on all platforms. That would improve the experience for everyone, including macOS/PC.

Thanks, @shooj – this issue seems to have been resolved for me with the v1.43.0 update.

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@shooj it’s only the pairing issue that was “solved”…the cycling camera view persists, even with 1.43, thus my re-post after this thread was closed. Fyi behavior is the same using fan viewing on Zwift using an iPad. Thanks.

@Velolion Thank you for confirming the camera angle issue is still persisting. I’ve raised this up to our developers for a fix.