Pairing multiple trainers on Apple TV

Hello - just got set up with trainers and Apple TV as the easiest medium to use Zwift. I bought a Tacx Flux S for my wife and Flux 2 for me. The trainers are beside each other. When I load a profile on Zwoft on my Apple TV I go to select the appropriate trainer for who is riding. My screen just starts doing the funky chicken flashing between the aelecrion menu and looking for trainers and wont stop until I close the program. I looked up some solutions to assign trainers to phones via “Device Connections” but, lo and behold, android phones dont have that option.

My workaround is to unplug the trainer not getting used and then Zwift on the Apple TV can easily find the only trainer transmitting bluetooth. Its crude but it works. I’m just surprised the program starts glitching like that given today’s technology. Has anyone else had a similar problem and found a more viable solution that doesnt involve playing with outlets?


This is a new bug. If you hit the Menu key on your Apple remote, then go back in, it should behave normally. That is what I have been doing.

Hi Lin - i have tried doing that but it just moves me into the ride selection screen (map/route/trg plan). I find the menu button, which normally acts as a ‘go back’ function, seems to just be a move forward function instead in this specific case. Do you know if the bug is being addressed?



Yes, it will go forward. But, you can enter the “Device Status” section and when you do, it will not do the “funky chicken flashing” :smile:

No idea. Your guess is as good as mine. I did not open a support ticket. I figure someone else has and/or Zwift themselves have noticed this by now. With the massive surge in users due to this Covid situation, I imagine another ticket would be like spit in the ocean. To be honest I’m both surprised and happy that Zwift has been stable and usable with the sudden loading of new users.

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Thanks for the help!

I can confirm that the latest Apple TV Zwift app update (today) that the “funky chicken” pairing dance is no more. Go Zwift! :ride_on:

That said, should be fun seeing what has been broken :joy:

Thanks for keeping me up to speed! I recently submitted two other tickets and havent heard back. I’m just kind of concerned because you answered me so quick on this one and it’s been quite a while since I submitted the last two.

The first was I was doing an event. Some people passed me and all of a sudden I got the unlocks for everything from 300-1200 watts. Is this a known error?

The second was my HRM (garmin Hrm dual) keeps disconnecting when I run zwift on my android phone. Is that a common error? It works fine connected to my apple tv. I just run off my phone when my wife and I bike together.

Tha is for any help you can provide!


That is a bug. I have seen some others mention similar instances where badges were suddenly awarded.

Android related bug I would guess. It only came out as a beta last summer. Is it still a beta release?

I cant say if it’s in beta or not…I’m not sure.

As for the unlocks is there anyway to remove them?