Anyone seen this crash hander app running before, and does it provide any useful info?

I just adopted a Dell Precision 5510 laptop from work, it’s definitely an upgrade from my older dell Latitude which runs Zwift fine, but the Precision keeps crashing. Stragely it is crashing, or zwift is freezing, in the menu screens, eg. choose route, change equipment, etc. Pretty sure it’s not GPU based because I’ve dropped to 720p and GPUs are running at 50%.

In the event log I don’t see anything, the only oddity was this ZwiftWindowsCrashHadler.exe that was running in task manager, but it wasn’t using any resources.

For now I’ve dropped back to the Latitude laptop, much less powerful and no dedicated GPU, but doesn’t crash.

Did you read through this thread, pinned to the top of the forum: Crashing during game launch? [Windows] [November 2021] [1.19.0] - #135 by Ileana_Paul_TeamLPC

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Yes, I read through the whole thing and didn’t find anything that was helpful. According to this thread, there was a new update 3 days ago, but I updated yesterday and Zwift didn’t work yesterday or today for me.


Could be same issue as the thread above. I have had crashes at login, but often the game starts and then crashes in-game, or usually in a menu (equipment or course selection). Funny my existing laptop is working fine.

I’ll keep an eye on the other thread. Thanks

Ended up doing a clean and reinstall…no issues since.