Zwiftpower visual update

No idea who/what/why the graphics for Zwiftpower have been changed, but it is now totally unusable on mobile:

Please revert this change ASAP and actually test future updates on a variety of devices @JamesBailey @shooj

So disappointing that yet another attempted update has been implemented poorly and without adequate testing!


I posted this here on Friday: Changes to Zwiftpower Site Design - April 2022

I’ll flag your feedback re mobile.

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Ahh, I didn’t spot that after scanning through. Thanks.

Any idea how/why this hasn’t been tested on mobiles given that is a huge number of Zwiftpower’s users? I’ve tried it on 3 different browsers on both IOS and Android, none of which is usable. Even on desktop mode it’s pretty poor.

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I’m afraid I’m not involved in the QA process. Having a chat with the developer now.

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