Zwiftpower results with vpn only

Hey Zwifters, can only be accessed via vpn. The login-form works, then zwiftpower no longer loads. with vpn it works. Do you have any idea what the reason could be? Thanks, Thomas

Welcome to the Forums, Thomas.
I’ve just checked (22:13 CEST) here in Switzerland and it’s working as normal for me, both via my Wi-Fi and via cellular 4G on my phone.

I don’t know what to suggest. Maybe there’s some freak network issue that your VPN server’s location side-steps by chance. Out of interest, where does your VPN indicate your location as being?

Its my static IP - strange.

What is the exact web address that you’re trying to access that isn’t working?

I can reach the login-screen. After that i get a blank page. With operas onboard-vpn its working.