Zwiftpower not adding new events?

@James_Zwift Is there a problem with Zwiftpower picking up new events at the moment?

Zwiftpower normally (from my memory at least) picks up events as they are added to, so usually a week in advance for recurring races. This meant I could add a race to a league or edit the points for sprint races etc.

For example, next Monday’s GGCC Race shows on, but not Zwiftpower:

They have been getting added about 3 days ahead of time.

I’ll check in with the dev team and see if they have been “optimising”

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I’m also missing our event and a few others on Sunday 4th September beetwen 9:30 & 12:00CEST

For another data point, one of my races for early Saturday just showed up on ZwiftPower this morning (Wednesday). Another one is still showing last week’s route, but that’s not a big deal, it is definitely correct on Zwift.