Not seeing cyclists listed in events on Zwiftpower

Hiya, So I can see the cyclists listed on the Companion App for all future events, but on Zwift Power, only those for events over the next 1-2 days. The event field of competitors is just empty on this. I’m sure I was able to see them all before. Is there a glitch at the moment, or has something gone awry my end. Many thanks,

yeah that what appears to me too

I think that is normal. ZP only starts to populate the rider list with 24-48 hours before an event is due to start.

not normal.
seeing here a race that’ll happen in the next 14hs. in companion the cat a has 25 people, zp has a dozen of them. same for others cats… b 39 in companion, 17 in zp… not even my own inscription is computed.

right now a lot of events listed in zp and also at zwifthacks list with the same problem. many with just minutes to begin and empty user lists.