Events for september not updated

Can’t see many bike races for September. How can that be ?

Most Zwift community events are set up as repeating weekly events with details changed as needed, meaning that you can see and sign up to events only up to a week in advance. What you are seeing is quite normal but dumb, because it makes planning more difficult and you have to look all over the internet to find out more info about cups and other event series.

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Thanks Anna but normally I see them ahead for several weeks. So this time its pretty unusual or a bug.

There must have been some event series that you were interested in that were properly set up as individual events that now have ended. (There are still some though, I’m for instance signed up to the Iceni races up to a month from now.)

The standard is still weekly repeating events, which is why you only see events for the next 7 days and only a few events beyond that. (Of course, Zwift’s native event tools can barely even handle the next 7 hours…)