Events not coming up

As I wrote earlier my events calender is not working properly. For September I see too few events as usual. Who can help? Zwift does not reply so what’s going on ?

Right now there is more or less 4000 scheduled events in the calendar because Zwift have scheduled a lot of Zwift Academy events (roughly 2200). That means that there is the same number of regular events as usual. Edit: I base this on the event list at ZwiftHacks.

As it was said in the other thread you raised about the same issue, most recurring events only appear in the schedule a week or so before they take place.

If your problem is that you cannot see them in ZCA, check your filters. Even if they look OK it could be a problem with them, particularly after a ZCA update - it has been seen before. First apply a new filter and then reset it.

Also, if your problem is that you are trying to see them in ZCA in the first place, try using ZwiftHacks instead… Events

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Are you looking in the game screen? There’s a toggle to switch the Zwift academy on and off.