Zwiftpower is slow

Why does it take hours for zwiftpower to process the fit files after a ride, are there plans to speed that up?

I dont think the actual reason is known, but my guess would be to avoid handling too much data at peak usage times.

It used to be processed at soon as possible, but after a messy takeover period where the original developer and Zwift couldn’t agree which meant he left, all development on ZP stopped and the service slowly degraded. Then at some point I think it was either december 2020 or 2021 the fit-file processing broke completely, and it took 3 weeks to fix it. Part of the fix was the prolonged time, which is somewhere between 3.5-4 hours of event start to process the fit file. So considiring it has been like this for so long i wouldn’t hold my breath for them to change it, especially as Zwift hasn’t introduced anything on ZP pretty much since they took over running the site

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the intention in the medium/long run is to close it and process the results on the zwift platform itself. that explains why there is no development on zp and probably never will be, but while staff have said that on here before (i wonder if they even remember saying it at this point, but they have), they still don’t seem to be any closer to actually doing that and it doesn’t seem to be a high priority for them

but they don’t seem to plan on closing zp any time soon either, so that’s cool.


by the way, if you want your results processed faster, ride a KISS race. the original dev used to ride for KISS, so they get to skip the queue. that part of the code still exists, apparently

Was going to write this, but the chance of it happening is so low anyways i thought it didn’t matter. And if it happens it would no doubt be way worse than ZP. Zwift has afaik only introduced 2 things on zp. SSO which is great and a change of font which is absolutely horrible. To just keep it somewhere close to the same as before im using the site constantly at 90 % zoom

They also integrated CE categories and zFTP, which has been useful. No more forum questions about why the category differs :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: