Zwiftpower export seems to fail

Trying to export all fit files as one archive under the profile/activities section at zwift power. I receive an email once the process is complete and there’s a link within activities to “download archive.” However, clicking download takes you to a page that displays this;

AccessDenied Access Denied 6XW742S279QEPVAA Jbkw9Z4t3N5qRIGy28aEiFCgCfDaRBu++Ur/KmlZFldgVc4mtwf3sCq1EHxe1hY0vEi/FhDqj5s=

Welcome to the forums Mark.

I just tried again and works for me. The “Create Zip File” cta still emails me a link to the server hosted archive but the url is malformed so doesnt work.

This has been raised a few times over the years since Zwift took over Zwiftpower but its not been addressed. It works for some but not others and when we’ve compared notes trying to find why it works for some and not others, we got to blaming Brexit and thats about it!

Hmmm … OK thanks Dean. So that’s the end of the story I presume? In other words, can one open a ticket of some sort with support and would that mean anything anyway?

Its worth opening a support ticket with Bear in mind that Zwift took over the Zwiftpower site a while ago and every time they touch it (re-host, speed it up etc) they break more things that they dont fix, so dont set high expectations. Having said that, they should have tools to easily provide you with an archive manually. Good luck.

Thanks Dean! Will request an export right from the support team.