Zwiftpower Disqualification Tag "SANDBAGGING"?

My heart rate monitor was on low battery. What say the rule to this? If the average heart rate is under 130, you get a DQ with code “sandbagger”?

Waw, it’s been low on battery for a loooong time :smile:

No, honest suggestion Thomas: have a real try at a B-race and fight for every position. I’m convinced you will feel better about yourself than trying to stay within w/kg limits.


Good question, I don’t know what data is being used for this tag.
That is why some explanation from Zwift would be very welcome.

They could eg. use avg heart rate and compare with recent heart rate data from this rider.
Or they could also take 1min / 5min power into consideration so no one can try to keep 20min power just within limits on purpose. eg. this ride would end up in a higher category based on 1min/5min power.

But honestly, your guess is as good as mine…

SANDBAGGING is not an auto generated tag used by ZwiftPower.

The race organiser when disqualifying someone applies a line of text which will be picked up as a tag.

In this case they have typed SANDBAGGER when editing results.


Just remember in the future to not select the C category when you are racing at the B level. Seems fairly straightforward.


Hi Sticky, you know, that there is no such a rule. How can they do that? It’s the same with ZRG. Why don’t the racing organizations need proof? How does SDZ come up with the same reason for a few weeks - one that has never been used before? I do not believe in coincidences.

Ok, it’s easy to disqualify Reinecke, we don’t need to prove. Oh wait, I’m a bot! My computer rides for me. Ridiculous!

Throw your heart monitor away - my old Polar H7 is exact till the end (= stops when battery is low).

If you have the evidence, feel free to provide it. Otherwise, you’re just chattering false claims here.

Per Zwift:

These are the most common category boundaries:

A = 4.0 w/kg and above
B = 3.2-3.9 w/kg
C = 2.5-3.1 w/kg
D = 2.4 w/kg and below

You got caught trying to beat the system hiding your power riding in lower class by an organizer and are complaining by the looks of it.
Your heart rate is probably what flagged you amongst other things.


This feels like a case of complying with the letter of the law (Cat limits) but not the spirit of it. Your 1-minute power is pretty bloody good (585W), as are your 5-minute and 15sec, so whilst you are techinically a Cat C, most people can see that you are at least a B, possibly even good enough for A.

Cat C looks like it’s too easy for you, so rather than be upset about it, why not take the chance to upgrade and get a better quality of race in Cat B?


Another member here would call this an example a CRUISER I suspect.


averages have little to do with single Numbers Like you wrote. Averages are race duration and FTPs on ZP are 95% of 20 min bests.

it should be done like in zwift racing League by WTRL. there it works to a different model based on physical power curves rather than a flat 20 min power rating. It is called their “special algorithm”.

this time in the case of thomas there we’re dropouts from heartrate monitor, the HRM Reports 0 bpm and than If this is for 1-2-3 minutes you get low averages. but this can be seen in strava Data and so this is not a valid fact to use this tag in my opinion.

and next way to use a rule: it has to be used for all riders with same specs and not for one single rider. i Hope everyone can agree.

So this Points have to be done:
1.describe a rule in zwiftpower com If it IS new
2.use the rule in the Same way
3. use it for all riders

as can be seen in stickys answer, race organizers can use dq Tags wherever they want. no proof is needed.

Just Install the wtrl system zwift.

Tell the rule and you are right.
What says the rule? Heart rate must be 150? Or is it 220?

Where is the rule for 1min and 5min power? And what is maximum for category C? 500W?

Is here anyone who can read? I don’t think so.

You essentially got promoted, what’s the issue?
Better to come last in the B cat than first in the C in my opinion.


I’m not sure why there is still an issue.
Didn’t like the way/how the rules were applied, quit subscription to Zwift, no longer need to worry or deal with any rules in Zwift or Zwiftpower


No, there was no Promotion.

I’m trying to give you suggestions as to why you are being labeled as sandbagger lol just cancel your sub and leave


Unfortunately life is full of unwritten rules, you just happened to find one of them. Now’s your chance to step up and fulfil your potential.


Life is also full of injustice and arbitrariness. And this looks a lot like arbitrariness. Unwritten laws are simply invalid. And you are innocent until proven guilty. But we’ve already had it all, and it’s not the first time that injustice has happened here.