Sandbaggers now feature i Zpower results?

I suddenly notice that A and B riders participating in C category races now feature in the Zpower results. Why? Why can an A rider win the C category? Does that not then defeat the purpose of having the categories completely???

If someone is new, they might not have a Cat assigned yet, or the event might be one that needs an event organiser to tweak results, or organiser allows a tolerance more than ZP rules, or a bug, or … probably a bunch more reasons.

Probably best if you share which event so folks can jump in and have a nosey.

If it was your last Crit race, they guy that took 1st place only has one race event under his belt that is over 20mins, which was the event he raced with you, and as a result he is now B as a result.

Category Enforcement is coming soon (and configured on a few events already) so that system would likely have stopped him entering Cat C as it uses the whole power curve, not just the 20min that ZP does.

Yeah, that was the race. Let me just make clear that I actually did not mind them being in the race, as I needed them to make it a sufficiently tough workout for me. I was just annoyed afterwards that I could not see how I placed in relation to the other ‘real’ C cat riders - as I previously could. Most of the guys in front of me were B or A (I placed 17th) and had many races under their belts. It used to be, that those riders did not appear in the Zwiftpower results afterwards.

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I dont think post race rules have been applied unless it was a Cat Enforcement race (which im doubtful).

That is sandbaggers galore in there…

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@Lee: I am positive that you are wrong about that. In the past, I have always been able to see the ‘real’ result on ZwiftPower. If the real, category-based, result is no longer available anywhere for riders to see, then why does Zwift continue to divide riders into categories?

Post race rules have not been applied apart from HR, seems to be loads of these knocking about recently

@James_Zwift Can probably fix it for you…

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Looks like it just doesn’t have any post-race filtering set up. You should move up at least seven places on the power numbers alone, then there’s all the people out of category.

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It looks like the the Category Enforcement event settings are being applied to all of our Crit City races, and since the category limits for those events don’t match up with ZwiftPower categories we keep the category limits turned off on their results. I’ve turned them on for this event and refreshed the results so you should see the standard category limits applied to the results now.

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Surely the results posted earlier in this thread didn’t have cat enforcement switched on?

Isn’t it the case that usually where cat enforcement is switched on, there’s no need for ZP post-race filtering?

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Which race was this?

Crit City Race

Thursday 17:45

Which time zone?

event 2926047

Correct from my quick look at a few dq’s now showing.

The event description doesnt mention Cat Enforcement whereas some of the Crit City races have it mentioned in the title (and description). With the 20% dq’s now in place in this particular event, it looks like a normal non-CE race.

Yep. Seems fine now. It just took an unsually long time. I have moved up to 5th. I think that is correct :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks - I’ll have a check through tomorrow and all of our events should be using category enforcement. A couple might have been missed.