Zwiftpower Disqualification Tag "SANDBAGGING"?

I’ve been on Zwift and Zwiftpower since December 2016. I’ve been racing on Zwift since the beginning of 2017.
I stick to Zwiftpower’s rules, which are definitely not perfect. But they apply to everyone without exception. Unfortunately, additional rules have been in effect for me since this year and I will be disqualified without a rule at the discretion of the race director.

The top has now been reached with simultaneous public denunciation with the code “SANDBAGGING”.

To those responsible at Zwift: This is how you annoy your customers! I canceled my subscription on December 13th, 2020.

Aren’t they still testing the sandbagging identification system in specific races at the moment? If your w/kg is too high for a particular category then you get the cone of shame like everyone else. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just pick the correct category next time.


No, this is a new dq code set by some race organizers without any Proof. it also can not be found on zwiftpower Forum…

Wouldn’t the proof be in the data that disqualified the guy?

No. as i understood data was available and showed nothing.

There seem to be some problems with Zwiftpower database now, hopefully the planned outage on Monday will help… Generally not good experience with ZP since Zwift running it :rage:

yes i agree 100%. nothing improved since the Invest…

Post a link to your zwiftpower account. You haven’t given us much information to support your stand. Do you have a low heart rate? Did you receive an orange or green cone during the event? What category were you entering? Why do you blame Zwift and not the race organizer?


Sounds like you haven’t seen the data yourself. A link to the race would be handy for us to all see what is being complained about, especially when this whole system is still being experimented on and is not live across all races yet as far as I know.

As an aside, Zwiftpower never seemed to do anything about sandbaggers in the C and D categories when I bothered to pay attention to Zwift racing in prior years which is the reason I gave up on caring about racing.

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Race organizer behave like kings - you can’t do anything against a disqualification. They make their own rules - after race. And there is no law court to call.

But this is much more than just a DQ! This is branding my name. Race organizer don’t look anymore at race data, they look for this brandmark.

Zwiftpower is now part of Zwift and so Zwift is therefore responsible for what happens there. So Zwift loses money - that’s what they understand.

short summary: He entered Cat C, ist Cat C, uses Tacx neo, Heart Rate Monitor worked well. so even nothing to Unterstand for me.

but maybe zwift knows what this new tag means…

I suppose this is the zwiftpower profile? h t t ps://

The tag ‘sandbagging’ seems very appropriate in this case.


seems: ok so no rules are needed , it is just enough that something just seems so in someway​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

and in zwiftpower forum the tags are described…but this tag is new and there is no description in zwiftpower. so we have here a rule that is new and has no Data, which is needed when Race organizers can use it.

Did you even look at his profile?
Have an extra look at everything except the 20min power (5min / 1min / …).

meaning of sandbagging = to deliberately perform at a lower level then you are capable of

This is exactly the case here. So Zwift is doing a good job in this case.

And about the tag itself: my guess would be this corresponds with the anti-sandbagging feature.
But you are right, communication is not one of Zwift’s strong points.


Tell the rules that are broken in this race. And tell where everyone can read this rules.
Where is a “sandbagger” rule? Where is the definition of a “sandbagger”?

In every Zwift race are 5 to 10 (or even more) racers that are not registered at Zwiftpower or get disqualified by code WKG or UPG. They go over category limits and are called sandbagger. I don’t go over limits, I race in right category. That’s the same?

I checked the profile and don’t see the reason - w/kg is in C Cat, nothing out of the ordinary in the power cats - seems weird

Race on Nov 4 with ‘sandbagging’ label: 127bpm average heart rate - max (recent data) in zwiftpower is over 175bpm.

By the way: I agree with you that an explanation for the tag would be welcome, although the tag itself is quite self-explanatory in this case.


You should check the whole history - it is not only about W/kg (we all know that the W/kg categories are not the best idea). When I won one race in D and was slightly over D limits in this race I changed to C. Thomas was already on podium in B races, his profile shows C almost B.

It is not only Thomas problem, he is just on the limit - but it is (one more times) the reason, why the W/kg categories are a b…t.


so in this case, if not w/kg, what is it?