Zwiftpower: Difference between "UPG" and "WKG"

I recently did my first real race in Zwift, and after the race looked at my Zwiftpower result to see it says “WKG”. Seems like I chose the wrong class and my results were auto-filtered (2.9 w/kg in D class, so I did choose wrong). I also noticed some other racers have “UPG” in filtered data, but I can’t find the difference between UPG and WKG explained anywhere. Are they interchangeable? Why one instead of the other?

You got the WKG right. The rider that got the UPG should have raced in Cat B, not C (the very definition of a sandbagger). Here’s some of the DQ codes/definitions from the ZP FAQ you might see around:

Disqualification Codes

𝐔𝐏𝐆 - Entering a category below the Minimum Category assigned to you and visible on your profile. Performance is irrelevant.

𝐖𝐊𝐆 - Over Category limits. Even if a rider enters the correct category they may still be DQ’d if they breach the limit. Example:- Cat C limit is 3.19 w/kg for 95% of 20 mins. We allow a 0.1 w/kg leeway to go over, so a C rider who puts out 3.3 w/kg will be DQ’d. .

𝐙𝐏 - ZPower users not allowed in a particular category or finishing position. (Differs between different race organisers) Alternatively, they may have exceeded the hard-coded thresholds of 6w/kg for 5 mins or 5w/kg for 20 mins.

𝐇𝐑 - Heart Rate Monitor required in particular category or finishing position. (Differs between different race organisers)
(KISS for example will DQ anyone in Cat A/B and podiums in Cat C for HR and ZP)

𝐇𝐄𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓 - Height doping.

𝐙𝐑𝐕𝐆 - Suspended rider.

𝐀𝐆𝐄 - Entered wrong category for age based race. Zwift does not provide ZP with a DOB so assumes your birthday is 1 January for racing purposes.

𝐍/𝐀 - race organiser does not want results published; typically used in social rides to discourage flyers.

𝐃𝐐 - usually applied by race organiser applied for a variety of reasons although most listed above. Could be for not following ride leaders instructions or otherwise being disruptive etc.

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Right, but why did I get WKG instead of UPG? Because ZwiftPower doesn’t have enough data on me to have decided on a category? How many races does ZPower need to calculate my category? Quick edit: actually looking at my ZwiftPower profile, it now shows Category C under “minimum category”. So presumably if I did that race again, this time I would get UPG instead of WKG?

Seems like WKG basically means the same thing as UPG, because either way I should be riding in Cat C next time I race.

Yeah similar but different. Once you have an established Cat through racing and you get a WKG, you can put that down to improving your race craft etc. Sandbagging is just blatantly cheating to stroke an ego. Category Enforcement is a new category system that was introduced earlier this year and helps sort sandbaggers out.

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Gotcha. Same same but different - similar actual reason for the filter, but a different message it’s sending to the users. Thanks Dean!


There’s also a complication where you can be DQ’d for multiple reasons and it’ll only show one of them and there is a hierarchy as to which one appears. I think that HR shows up first because I’ve seen that as the reason for disqualification when a user was also over category limits as well. Then I think UPG trumps WKG but I’m not sure what appears after those.

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