Zwiftmas Challenges day 9 and 10?

Hi everyone!  Does any one know what the Day nine ride is? Is there a designated ride for the community challenge?

On day 10 ( the pain  cave makeover) Is  it only for  Categories B?

It doesn’t specify w/kg on the ride that is only at 10:35 pm here in the us?  It seems to be just the one ride that day.

Thanks! I asked for help from the zwift help line but sometimes they are a bit slow getting back.

The event schedule isn’t showing an event for Day 9. However it looks like you can just do anything. This from “The Zwift Insider”:


  • Challenge:  Participate in the Zwift community challenge — 1 million miles in a single day.  Ride any amount of miles today, to help us collectively get to 1 million!
  • Prize:  Help unlock a donation of 100 bikes for Qhubeka and one Zwifter will win a Dimension Data signed jersey.

There’s 4 group rides showing for Day 10. 2 x B grade and 2 x C grade (some the next day for me). To be honest I wouldn’t worry too much about the grades. I just want to be in the draw so will go in the event and ride my own pace. If I keep up with the pack then cool, if not then no problem.

Oh when I looked this morning I could only find one…at 10:35 pm here…I will check again! Thanks. 

It WBR redo minus noob train (group workout) so we can actually get the mileage.

Don’t get it… quoted from the “Zwiftmas” page it says:

Jan 3rd - Day 10


Join a designated Amgen Tour of California (ATOC) group ride and unlock the ATOC kit


A chance to win a pain cave makeover by the Zwift tech team. Including paint job, new trainer, custom install by Zwift Tech team.

I can’t find ANY ATOC rides!

They are marked as ‘Day 10 of Zwiftmas’.  Don’t forget to turn off all of the filters on the events, so you can see all of the group rides.

Brenda, All filters are off, checked on, ZML on the iPad, and ZML on an Android (can’t see past 1:00pm).  Nothing that says anything about Zwiftmas.  Do you have a time for one of these?

I couldn’t find the ATOC rides either other than there is a category B ride at 10:35 mountain time here.  That is the only one I find for the pain cave. The zwift calendar of events doesn’t quite match the zwiftmas page. 

That’s strange, because I see the rides in, and in IOS mobile app, but others are complaining as well, so maybe it’s a timezone issue? 
I have for the January 3rd Zwiftmas rides:
12:35AM EST, Category B
12:45PM EST, Category B
1:55PM EST, Category C
3:15PM EST, Category C
6:55PM EST, Category D


LOL… Now, I see… I should have more clear.  There is NOTHING for TODAY (1/2/2018). in either events or Zwiftmas page. There are no ATOC rides listed for tomorrow but I do see the Zwifmas events.  They just aren’t marked as ATOC.  Nigel says from the Zwift Insider, we just ride today and miles will count for the Qhubeka bikes.