Zwift Kona Mission

(Robert Bennett 🚀) #1

Why are you limiting the bike to 10 people? I understand the Real Bike having a Winner. Surely considering the lack of feature innovation and the soon to be increased price for everyone making the only way to get something aesthetically new a lottery is a bit naff… I know not everyone is level 25, but for those who are and have unlocked whats available there is really nothing to aim for, most unlocks in the past have required completing events which is cool, but simply locking this bike to 10 people, totally lame. Even if I won one, Lame idea Zwift.

In short make the bike for all who do the mission

(Matty Mccombe) #2

Totally agree with Robert, if you complete the event the bike should be available to use.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #3

The first time they did this with MoreThanSport and Canyon, it had to be a single ride. I know, I did it ( and didn’t get anything for it as far as I recall. Zwift donated $112 to MTS for each completed ride, so it was worth doing for that reason, but for the riders where wasn’t anything.

So actually, unlocking it for a few people who do 112 miles over several rides is in some ways better than things used to be! :smiley:

Maybe they could do a hybrid. Unlock it for 10 people who accumulate 112 miles over the week, and unlock it for anyone who rides 112 miles in a single ride.

(Matt Earp) #4

Completely agree too, just 10 people is a poor incentive. Surely Zwift are not losing anything by unlocking for ALL who complete the Kona challenge?
If there were more things to attain beyond level 25 then I might not be as fussed.

(Greg A) #5

Also, ZwiftHQ might want to push out the end date by one day. I received the Kona email today, Oct. 9 @ 2:39 AM (Eastern time in the U.S.), saying the mission started yesterday. Thanks.

(lukas ranicar) #6

Agree, would be better to reward epic rides like doing it in one ride. And lottery for anyone doing bit by bit. Currently the shivs may be never seen again if they are won by a casual zwifter. Not great for specialized and a bit pointless modelling the bike at all tbh.

(Paul Allen) #7

The limited number of winners might be dictated from Specialized and not by Zwift.
I agree thought, that more than 10 should get it since there is only one TT/Tri bike in-game at the moment.

(Karissa Minn) #8

I have to agree. I know there have been other missions where special equipment was available only during the mission and disappeared, but I don’t really understand the point of awarding a digital bike to only 10 random people. It’s not much of an incentive, and I’m not sure it’s the choice of Specialized, who I would think would want their bike to appear in front of as many eyeballs as possible. (Rarity can cause people to attach higher value to an item, but the odds of a typical Zwift rider coming across one of these 10 people on the Shiv would be very low, I’m thinking.)

I hope the Shiv will be made available in some other way in the future, at least. Maybe we’ll be able to get it through the upcoming in-game market?

(i van) #9

Completely agree here. Rewarding unlocks to the ENTIRE player base on a lottery based system is some seriously weird game design. Sure, if we’re talking about a real life bike valued in the thousands it makes sense to use a lick of the draw approach. But for a digital item? Come on guys…

(Mark Morris) #10

Received the email today, a day late and no Kona mission to enter on my ride scree, does that mean I’ve missed out to enter.

(Eric Miller) #11

I also received the email a day late. Seems like an error on their part to not inform us a week ago so we can prepare.

(Pieter Van Waarden) #12

Is it just me that the mission does not show up at “ride” screen?

(Jan Schuett Www Bronny De) #13

I have the same problem on my iPad. But not on my laptop.
If I start a ride on the laptop, It works fine and i‘m Sitting on the new shiv. But on my iPad i’m Just on the usual bike and it doesn’t show up at all.
Can some help me what’s wrong?

Edit: stupid me. The app just needed to be updated!!!

(Pieter Van Waarden) #14

Maybe an iOS problem (I’m on a 5s)

(Paul Allen) #15

Make sure you have the latest update of Zwift on the iOS device, I didn’t see it until I did the update today.

(David Dewaels IM) #16

Totally agree, a draw is frustrating. For those who are at level 25 for months, see years, the 3 challenges unlocked, Tron bike too, opportunities are rare to have new things. This draw is not very fun.

(Pieter Van Waarden) #17

Thanks! Golden tip, only a pity that my ride of yesterday does not count… see you all in app

(🚴🏼‍♂️ Greying Cyclist) #18

Totally agree. I’ll take the real world 112k ride on Sunday over this. Win something worth nothing. Next we will have to buy our vitual bikes.

About time some new bikes were made available. For someone reaching lvl25 I’d be looking for challenges that gave me some of these bikes. Especially the new Cannondale system six for example. Well, a challanage that gives me the bike…

(lukas ranicar) #19

I think that is why the tours of wattopia, insubruck etc have been successfull.
You enter it, ride in an event kit. if you complete you keep the kit. It’s a simple and satisfying structure. This just seems a bit contrived.

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #20

I agree. I have hardly any incentive at all to complete the event when most likely I get nothing for doing it all seeing as there is no charity aspect or any other reason to do this event.