17 Hours of Kona

The Zwift team seem to of missed the point. Kona is hard, this event should be difficult, not a 60 minute social ride. Remember your first Haute route event ? it was a huge success because it was hard. This event should be 180 km and no drafting, pick your best TT bike gear and nutrition and do it.
Also there should be a unique award for finishers.

What’s the point of having an event, when you then need to ride 180km by yourself (no drafting). Also, riding 180KM is only suitable for small percentage of riders, specially when it’s done inside on the trainer. This Kona thing also seems to focus on the social aspect of riding with Tri pro’s.

You can always go and ride 180KM, you don’t need an event for that.



Was really was expecting a special 180km route.

If IM don’t have issues with the word Kona being used by others - I’m really surprised Zwift haven’t created a Alp du Zwift style replica course with all the elevation and points of interest. So many Triathletes would jump on Zwift to practice.


I don’t know what this “17 Hours of Kona” event is, but waaay back in 2015 Zwift did have a full 112 mile event. It was in association with More Than Sport:

It was the hardest thing I’d ever done at the time, and I’d never done a century outside, let alone inside, but I managed it.

Maybe Zwift have gone soft on their users and lowered expectations. :smiley:


Likely, they want to cater more to the “general public” vs the “elites” because there are more general public people which = more money.