ZwiftLauncher disappears but ZwiftApp does not start

I’m using Zwift for about one month and had no issues so far. Yesterday I tried to login but the ZwiftLauncher only disappears and the ZwiftApp will not start. I’m using Windows 10 and the Taskmanager shows still the ZwiftLauncher. To solve the issue I’ve already tried to reinstall Zwift but that doesn’t helped. My husbands notebook had no issues and therefore we decided to ride on his device after each other (instead of together on two different devices).

I don’t know if there was a windows update or something else that cause the error.

Which data or logs do you need?
I can attach the log from yesterday if needed.


ZwiftApp was treated by my Avast as a virus and therefore the ZwiftLauncher could not found ZwiftApp.

– close –

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