Zwifting with the elGato Stream Deck (Release)

Zwifting Stream Deck Profile

What is this?
This tool allows fellow Zwifters to streamline interface interactions in Zwift by providing a pre-configured tactile button interface with customized icons and layout. The installation is clean, doesn’t require the companion app, or a keyboard. It sits with you on your bike much like a Garmin or Wahoo computer. But it controls almost all your in-game interactions with the press of a button.

How do you use it?
Assuming you have a Stream Deck with the software up and running, load the profile provided below, launch Zwift then select your ride. Once you are on the road or starting gate the keys will function as designed. At its essence it is a fancy macro key interface to control Zwift.

What does it look like?

What do I need to get it to work?
Stream Deck (15 button MK1 or MK2)
[Stream Deck |]
/Stream Deck Software (free download)
[Downloads |]
Stream Deck downloadable profile
[ - Google Drive]
Optional: USB 3.0 Extension Cable / A-Male to A-Female
Optional: Garmin Edge Universal Phone Adapter (e.g. KOM Cycling)

-This is a pre-release. I’m seeking input on the profile and will be evolving it over time.
-Support for Mac / PC versions of Zwift
-I’ve mapped all the commands that have key combinations in Zwift. If there is one missing let me know!
-The Stream Deck software must be up and running for the functions to work
-App focus is everything. Zwift doesn’t communicate with the Stream Deck so it must be the active app to receive input from the Stream Deck
-You will want to have your mouse handy
-The “End Ride” function skips Ride Summary
-“Close Popup” function closes any window
-Not all functions are applicable when at the starting gate grid
-I’m not responsible for any loss of data

Reply in the thread or via PM. Thanks for checking this out - it’s a labor of love!

Ride On!

Release Version .1
Initial release of a profile to control Zwift from a Stream Deck.

Very nice! Great work. :sunglasses: I don’t see up or down arrows, which are used for the drone cam and sometimes the third option at an intersection. Maybe put select somewhere else so you can replicate the standard arrow keys layout for use with three fingers?

Otherwise very impressive. :+1:

Key question would be “What’s it moisture (sweat) protection rating?” - IP55/IP65?

Good job. That looks good. :+1::+1:

Cheap alternative is a num pad. Or a small kb.

If only Zwift would let us customize the kb shortcuts and add more.

@Dave_ZPCMR You don’t need standard arrow keys. The Left and Right will toggle between all direction options at intersections. Drone camera has its own controls called Drone Controls within the Camera group. It has rotate left, right, zoom in, out, up, down and screenshot. I added a reset camera shortcut as well.

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Good stuff, not on your pics above so I didn’t realise.



Drone Control

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I wish each every action in Zwift had a keyboard shortcut.


Sweat protection is good. Good but not great.

I have had one for about three years. Exactly once managed to get a large amount of sweat on it and that caused it to stop working until it dried out. Been OK since then. YMMV.

I do have a 22" fan blow air from the front which keeps most sweat away from the bars etc.


Really good job ! Thanks for sharing. I try your setup with the streamdeck IOS APP before buying a physical streamdeck. It doesn’t work with zwift. (works with setups for teams, outlook…all other apps) but when i use Streamdeck app with zwift nothing happen. I read in the forum that a zwift update in 2018 kill the streamdeck compatibility because of admin rights. But seems far away now.

any idea ? I try to create a new setup with very simple buttons (H, camera views…). Not working. Zwift app have the focus of course. Keyboard is OK when i use it with the shortcuts.


It is because Zwift is running as admin. . Zwift runs as admin after an update. Quit both zwift and the launcher, then click the zwift icon to restart. After that Zwift should not be running ‘elevated’ and the Stream Deck sending keystrokes works…

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And my cheap @$$ version :wink::grin:



@BooX That is a brilliant low-fi solve. Thanks for sharing. You did the icons too?!

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@Jean-Michel_Leclercq I didn’t run the iOS app because it costs monthly. That said, that method is definitely a great alternative. Let me know if the profile works for you - really curious if it’s valuable outside of my uses. Thanks!

@Michael_Kosmatka HI Michael… It works fine ! (i have found the issue due to zwift upgrade - see my post’s update). I am agree with y, the app cost monthly and maybe a real streamdeack is better. But for 3$ i have the opportunity to test and see if a streamdeck will be usefull for me during rides. One month is enough to have a good idea of that.
Your setup is really great. It will be cool if you share your picto (the bubbles with text can be usefull so we can add other messages and create appropriate pictos)…

@Michael_Kosmatka Yes i did the icons…
The plan was actually to do an article on how to program the “keyboard” and put the icons in a Github repository, but then life ( and too much Zwifting ) kicked in :wink:
I guess it still might happen at some point.

I would love if anyone could figure out how to fire the “Ride on bomb” from the ZCA using a shortcut ?
A lot of time with Wireshark looking at the ZCA->Zwift client traffic would probably give a hint unless it’s encrypted :thinking:


Here are empty speech bubbles. You can drop them right into the Stream Deck software or modify them in your graphics app.

Centered and Top-Aligned. Let me know if you think there are others that would beneficial.

Thanks a lot Mickael… !! I have make some bubbles for the chatbox. it’s not easy to use a keyboard when riding. Sometimes i use the streamdeck to send generic messages


I ordered a Stream Deck MK1 during Black Friday sale. Anyone know where to purchase a protective vinyl cover for it to protect against sweat?

Release Version .2
December 2021 release of a profile to control Zwift from a Stream Deck.

-Fixed the Watt Graph Icon on the Main Screen to look like the rest of his friends.
-Added an Icon Library for you to define your own custom layouts with text.

Stream Deck downloadable profile .zip

Main Screen with Revised Watt Graph Icon

Under Settings is the Icon Library

1 of 3 Icon Library Screens

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My Streamdeck XL has been worked fine.
Biw on my Surface Pro 3 ist will Do nothing. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!