Hot keys devices?

Could Zwift hot keys be programmed into something like this instead of trying to scroll horizontally through the companion app?


Good call. That one is $150 instead of $260. Either way more than I’m willing to invest right now, just food for thought.

Elgato Stream Deck Mini - $80

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What are you scrolling through the companion app for? Only really screenshot that’s of any use and that’s just f10 on a keyboard.

Power ups, screenshots, streaming races with using OSB or GeForce that pushes to twitch, FB and or YouTube, Discord push to talk button as I don’t need to keep a hot mic going, turn no/off the fans connected to the Wyze smart plugs, etc. clearly not all companion app related but would be great to have a bunch of those in once convenient spot.

only two of those are and one of them requires no scrolling.

the other stuff? I have no idea what most of that means!