Stream Deck peripheral stopped working after latest Zwift update


(Uros Huzjak Race3R) #1


After yesterday update of Zwift it seems something turned down support of using Stream Deck from company Elgato. I am using Stream Deck device exclusively for various hotkeys/shortcuts/commands during Zwift. It worked great all the time before yesterday update.
Can you adress this issue please and roll back support for Stream Deck?

(Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen [ZwiftHacks]) #2

Are you running Zwift for Windows? It could be because Zwift now runs elevated (with administrator rights) after the update so a non-elevated process cannot send key sequences to it. If so it is easy to fix - just exit the Zwift Launcher in the system tray and launch Zwift again from the Start menu. Then it runs regularly.

(Uros Huzjak Race3R) #3

Thanks. Yes running on Windows 10. Will try later today and report back if this does the trick.

(Uros Huzjak Race3R) #4

I checked it and this seem to help as temporary fix. Thank you.

Any plans to fix this issue for good? I heard from many users that taking screenshots is also impacted by latest update and this solutions helps.

(David Dewaels IM) #5

Same problem on Windows 10, I will try your solution tomorrow.

(Ales Susnik [VISION] (B)) #6

Btw, I’m using the Elgato Stream Deck also, but had no issues?

(Uros Huzjak Race3R) #7

Not sure why it didnt work for me after last zwift updates. I disabled autorun of zwift launcher and now everything works back the way it has to, including Stream Deck.

(Ales Susnik [VISION] (B)) #8

btw, you live stream? if yes, where? :slight_smile: links? :slight_smile:

(Uros Huzjak Race3R) #9

I do stream here or there on twitch:
I think I follow your channel :).

Btw this is my latest setup including stream deck:

(Ales Susnik [VISION] (B)) #10

Very nice hack! Brilliant!

Btw, on Facebook there’s a small group: Zwift Riders Slovenia, welcome to join (can’t invite you otherwise than this way). Do post your live streams there, after all we do race in the same category :slight_smile:

I got a bit bigger streaming setup (55" tv + 2 x 24" screens), Logitech 930 and 920, Yeti microphone, gaming machine with a Nvidia gtx1060, running Zwift in Ultramode :slight_smile:

(Uros Huzjak Race3R) #11

Join reqeust sent. Yes we are in same category, however for now you are in front and I am in back of pack with my W/kg :smiley:

Wow sounds like a cool setup. Maybe you could do a writeup with picures one day :wink: