Stream Deck peripheral stopped working after latest Zwift update


After yesterday update of Zwift it seems something turned down support of using Stream Deck from company Elgato. I am using Stream Deck device exclusively for various hotkeys/shortcuts/commands during Zwift. It worked great all the time before yesterday update.
Can you adress this issue please and roll back support for Stream Deck?

Are you running Zwift for Windows? It could be because Zwift now runs elevated (with administrator rights) after the update so a non-elevated process cannot send key sequences to it. If so it is easy to fix - just exit the Zwift Launcher in the system tray and launch Zwift again from the Start menu. Then it runs regularly.


Thanks. Yes running on Windows 10. Will try later today and report back if this does the trick.

I checked it and this seem to help as temporary fix. Thank you.

Any plans to fix this issue for good? I heard from many users that taking screenshots is also impacted by latest update and this solutions helps.

Same problem on Windows 10, I will try your solution tomorrow.

Btw, I’m using the Elgato Stream Deck also, but had no issues?

Not sure why it didnt work for me after last zwift updates. I disabled autorun of zwift launcher and now everything works back the way it has to, including Stream Deck.

btw, you live stream? if yes, where? :slight_smile: links? :slight_smile:

I do stream here or there on twitch: Twitch
I think I follow your channel :).

Btw this is my latest setup including stream deck:

Very nice hack! Brilliant!

Btw, on Facebook there’s a small group: Zwift Riders Slovenia, welcome to join (can’t invite you otherwise than this way). Do post your live streams there, after all we do race in the same category :slight_smile:

I got a bit bigger streaming setup (55" tv + 2 x 24" screens), Logitech 930 and 920, Yeti microphone, gaming machine with a Nvidia gtx1060, running Zwift in Ultramode :slight_smile:

Join reqeust sent. Yes we are in same category, however for now you are in front and I am in back of pack with my W/kg :smiley:

Wow sounds like a cool setup. Maybe you could do a writeup with picures one day :wink: