Zwifting now - runs not saving

Im a new user. I’m using a MacBook and ant+ dongle to connect to garmin footpod & HRM.
When I finish a run and click Save & upload on the MacBook app the run doesn’t seem to save anywhere - app on MacBook just closes. On the Companion app the run shows as “Zwifting now” and the time keeps going as if I’m still running.

Am I not ending a run properly? Very frustrating!

Are you sending it to garmin connect, Strava or similar?
The zwift programme/app its self doesn’t store the data, you need a third party programme.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve connected zwift to Strava - nothing ever appears in Strava though.
It’s just odd how the Zwift app closes quite quickly without any sign of if uploading

For anyone with same issue. Turns out runs need to be a certain length before they register!

Elsewhere states this is 2km, but I’ve just completed a 2.75km run and got the same refusal to upload.