Zwifthub shutting down

I just went to the zwifthub web site and I see that it is shutting down at the end of April.

Will zwift provide anything similar? It is so much easier than all the steps required to find your achievement using the official zwift app.

you can use Routes to track you routes.

Now that zwift have an return to game you can warmup look at what badges you need and then select that route.

Dang - I love ZwiftHub. The simplicity of “show me the routes available today that I haven’t completed yet, sort by distance”… takes 3 clicks. Imagine doing that in the Zwift interface - try listing the steps needed.


Transferred - yet again - my “completed” routes to this (new for me) tracker. Not bad - easy filtering and ordering. But two routes missing - “London Classique” and “2015 UCI World”. Just not there.

Both routes are there, see ‘Classique’ and ‘Richmond UCI Worlds’


Thanks. I was wondering, considering how complete the site is.

I like the clean interface, complete data on lead-in, and possibility of masking profiles and descriptions to make a short summary table. Direct link to the route map and ZwiftInsider details is a nice plus.

The only possible improvement I could see at first glance would be filtering for “today’s worlds”.

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It does have a current guest world filter:


Indeed - which gives (today) Innsbruck or Richmond. The ZwiftHub idea is to give Innsbruck, Richmond and Watopia, to answer the common question about which ride one should do today.

Ah, you mean like that. I may add such a filter…


By the way - the profiles, all at the same scale including distance (and lead-ins) are really nice. Very well done visually, very informative. The sort of talent Zwift could use a lot more of.


Jesper you are a hero to thousands.
Thank you for all your work!
Jimmie Will


Zwifthub closing is a shame. It shouldn’t even need to exist though.


Thank you for your contribution, Tobias Fenney, aka Toby_ZwiftHub.


An entire cottage industry plugging gaping UI gaps. But hey - the partner bots now have new routes, so who can complain, right?


I agree Robert. ZwiftHub :heart: was my go to for tracking my achievements and deciding what to ride on any given day. It was a useful tool during my quest to ride all the routes Zwift had to offer. Thanks Toby! I enjoyed the ride!


Guess what I discovered this morning on Zwifthacks’ routes page:

A “Today’s worlds” filter button. @Jesper_ZwiftHacks, you rock.


Your so very right. Zwift can’t even display the achieved routes in alphabetic order. I simply don’t want to hunt for what I’ve earned. I’m not even wishing for a un-achieved display toggle, as I know I’d might as well be wishing for a new app like Veloton.
As a retired software developer I’d be firing any so called usability expert who designed that app. I’ve pulled the batteries out of my Elite sterzo solely because I can’t stop the stupid instructions and end of ride survey pop-ups. The steering itself was fine. Check boxes for “Don’t Show Again” were invented in the 80’s.
The Zwift UI is such a frustrating mess, just try a different simulator such as RTG which has a modern, customizable, on-screen-display and a much more realistic physics AI to see just how bad the Zwift’s UI really is.
Finally correcting the major gaff in forcing you to exit the app is small gains due to how long that issue took to correct.


I love ZwiftHub. So easy to use & intuitive and really motivates to ride more. ZWIFT - PLEASE ADD A SIMILAR FEATURE!!!

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