Checking badges

Hi everyone.

How can i check the badges i have, before selecting a route? For now i created a workaround that was creating a list in a excel spreasheet, on google drive to be shared everywhere.

And how can i configure my stuff without having to start a ride ?

I see people asking fot this since 2018, it’s sad that its 2020 and zwift didn’t bother to but a button on the ride screen, that make a easier life to a lot of people. Neither an explanation.


I guess it will be closed and add to that thread but anyway hope it will amuse some of you LOL

By the way, its just retorical… i know i have to:
Start the App
Just Watch
Check the configurations
Close the App
Start the App
Pair stuff
Oh damn what was the route after all ???
Start Ride anywhere
Check badges
Close App
and so on

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This is a very common request. You should search for one of the other threads with this request and vote it up.

you can use this 3rd party site

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Hi Mike.

Thanks, thats brilliant. I didn’t know this app…


This type of site content (zwifthub) should be in… end off… I’m sat here at the computer and can I check what badges I’ve done and what routes I need to do? No! I have to start the game and have my sensors in range to get anywhere near the badges screen… and can I examine the routes… that’s half the reason I’m approaching level 50 and still haven’t got anywhere near 25% done.

Does make you wonder that someone can develop a site like zwifthub and create great content, does Zwift not have any decent developers that can do this? I would ask Zwift to do this but I don’t believe they read these forums, it would fall on deaf ears and if they do hear they wouldn’t be able to take any action. Excuses would be it needs voting up, we are adding extra pixels, we are trying to sort the fence, we have something in development taking that resource, we see the money in e-sports so why would we do something for the paid subscriber, that would be whispered indoors!!

All I can imagine is the bureaucracy within Zwift now stops any innovation, there’s probably a hundred hurdles to jump over to get anything out of the door, never mind started on. That’s the issue imo when companies grow too big, they become a great white elephant and start regressing, meeting after meeting. They reach a point where no one knows what anyone does anymore and nothing the community wants gets done.

Only a matter of time before someone does listen, gives what the paid subscriber wants and the end of dynasty comes… come on Zwift, get a grip of your user interface, give us the information that adds to the Zwift experience, grab this low hanging fruit.


zwifthub is a great site with a lot of really useful information, but this stuff should really be available in-game, via the companion app, and on zwift [.com] - no need to enter information manually, they already have it! Seems like zwift should offer to buy this site.